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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Electronx, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. Electronx

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    So what happened is I completed my 95 days streak but then relapsed on day 96 but from that day I am unable to even complete my 7 days , sometime I relapse on day 3 or day 6 or even on day 7.
    even after making this huge streak why I am not able to complete just 7 days
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  2. HelperX

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    It means that you just did 95 days abstinence without trying to put porn behind your life by improving yourself and blocking all temptations. You should not be going back to porn after over 3 months of abstinence, or if you relapsed once, you should not be struggling into doing a new 3 months abstinence. You have to completely forget about porn, that's the goal of NoFap.
  3. Jakethedog

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    okay soo basically most of guys are saying that you should leave it behind and just stop it but it's not quite possible. you may not ride bike for years but as long as you try it memories of doing it come back so you can't just delete addiction but to understand it better is one of the best options. so basically there are. lots of things to consider like. why do you do it. it might be because of stress loneliness or some reason you usually do it. then there is ritual, we all have that ritual witch makes us want it like going to toilet for me and i just replaced it with reading in toilet. i haven't done 95 days in my life but as person who used to pmo 2-5times a day my 4 days are big deal. when you fap your body releases dophamine so you need tl find another way to release it like eating food that you like exercise or watching your fav show. don't make your bad habbit magically dissapear just replace it with someething better and enjoyable as well. wish you all the best ❤️❤️❤️
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  4. Assassinharsh

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    Same thing happen with me . I started my 90 days journey againt fap . after the long streak I started masturbation till 6 months . Now I am masturbate daily . I don't know what should I do . But I ma trying very hard .
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  5. JoeinMD

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    Yes, I've done the same - even after 180 streak. It's falling back into a rut - sort of a gravity zone that keeps one in the shit hole of addiction, the pigsty, which makes one feel like shit. It's just a matter of remotivation and getting out again. It can be done, even if you have been wallowing several weeks. In fact, anyone that can get up to 90 days can make this a way of life. We just don't need to cave in so easily or even during the harder times, which pass, too. Reemploy the recovery tools that worked before. Once the sperm congeals and thickens in your testes again, things start to stabilize more, which has been my experience - usually a good 120 days gets amazing control, but one still can't get cocky or play with cocky. Ha!
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  6. hollyman

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    the higher your streak the more pain when u fall , so do not relapse

    my tips are: do not count the days and start small, do digital detox its really help
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  7. jw2021

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    This was well said. I was once 15 months clean but then I relapsed over and over for years before coming to this forum and starting my journey. My biggest problem was focusing on my PM problem. I had to set some goals for myself and put my focus on them. Keep fighting!
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  8. Beekind

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    That is the norm and not the exception.
    If you could relapse without feeling bad and/or binge , you are halfway there.
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