Someone showed me a twerk video

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by OntoANewLife, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. OntoANewLife

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    Or at least tried to. I was at work today and this girl tried showing me this twerk video and I wasn’t sure exactly how to approach telling her no, so when she put her phone in front of me I looked at the floor away from the screen instead. I only saw the slightest movement out of the corner of my eye for a split second, and if I wanted to summon the details of the video from memory I couldn’t just because I didn’t see anything at all.

    I know this obviously isn’t grounds for a relapse, but have any of you ever been in a situation where someone (whether it be a friend or coworker) tried to show you something NSFW? How did you approach the situation or tell them no?
  2. icantbelieveit

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    It hasn't happened to me exactly but most likely I'd just tell them no thanks, I don't want to see it and then talk about something else. If they press the issue I'd just be firm and say no again...they are the ones who make it awkward by pressing the issue..not the person who says no. People who can't accept no are basically shitty people. But more often then not, most normal adults will just accept the no and follow your lead to the next conversation.
  3. fitnesstrack

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    I’m new so could someone help explain this to me? If you ended up doing anything related to PMO then I totally get why it would be an issue. And if these kind of videos tempt you to PMO then I get why you would desperately avoid it. But on the other hand if you just get horny or hard or w/e then isn’t that kind of a win in that your libido is still working but you haven’t relapsed? Or is the literal watching of it bad enough that it delays the remapping of neurons or whatever in your brain?
  4. Westsidejimmy

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    This has happened to me a couple of times. Once wth a close friend but it was a humor video and not that racy. Plus the girl wasn't my type so it was pretty easy to blow it off. The worst was when a random guy at the bar sitting next to me pushed his phone in my face and tried to show me graphic porn. It came out of nowhere. I told him to put the phone away and that he didn't respect my personal space or the people in those images. I think it's a case by case issue. If you have enough self control no big deal and it's always ok to tell people you don't want to see that.

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