Something amazing happened to me last night, all thanks to abstaining from PMO

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  1. So last night, to be blunt, was amazing. This was the first time in my life where I actually stepped out of my turtle shell, and I had an incredible time.

    A friend (acquaintance, really) invited me to a little get together at his place, and I guess out of total energy and being bored of my mind for so long, I decided to man up and go. Prior to this, for the longest time I would just "party hop" or whatever you call it - I would scout around my area to find college parties, but every single time I DID find one, I would just circle/wander around the place to decide whether or not I should go in. I never did, but last night, I bought a few beers and said "Fuck it, go and have a good time."

    Upon arrival, I was hella fucking nervous. I thought it was going to be a full-blown rager, with blistering loud rap music and nonstop drinking, dancing etc. To my surprise it was much different; a very close, intimate little get together. About 10 people playing cards, drinking, watching the game, and just chilling. I was actually debating on whether or I should have just said "No" to this whole thing, but I remembered that I was here for one thing - just to relax. Not focused on "picking up as many chicks as possible", or "getting laid" (this was my main notion whenever I went to a party before starting NoFap, didn't care about talking to people, connecting, etc, only focused on the physical aspect of things). So I did, and well, I'm so glad I did, because it was well worth it.

    When I got there, I couldn't help but gravitate towards this girl. I was so attracted to her, and the best part, not physically but spiritually. I loved her aura, her sense of style, the way she carried herself, her charm, it was a very special moment for me. She was very alluring in that aspect. This was something I never experienced when I was PMO'ing; like I said, I would always just focus on "getting as much vagina" as possible, and literally nothing else.

    Luckily for me, I sat on the couch beside her and just started talking. At first I was extremely nervous, but after a while I just said to myself "My man, chill the fuck out. You're just talking." I tried to stay away from having excessive amounts of alcohol, but I decided to have one anyway - I guess it helped, but I wasn't focused on getting totally plastered thankfully.

    We talked for a while, and we went outside and had a cig. It was so amazing, this was the first time in my entire life where I actually connected with a girl. Keep in mind that I am 21 years of age, have never been in a relationship, etc, so this was a very special moment for me. I know for most guys this doesn't seem like anything at all (what, talking to a girl? Big deal), but for me at least, this was the first time in my life where I connected to a girl on a deeper level. We just talked about our life, interests, plans for the future. I just felt like a human being again. Maybe the alcohol helped, but I don't know.

    Unfortunately, I will no longer be living in this area, so I guess that really sucks. Luckily, she said that I could come and visit at some point in the future, so that was reassuring. I got her number, and this next week we plan to go party and have fun. I think she's inviting some other people too, so that will be awesome.

    Like I said, I know this probably isn't anything at all for most guys out there, but it is for me. I found her to be so appealing, all on a spiritual level and nothing else. I finally connected with a woman, and I feel proud. I'm on day 12 of my NoFap journey, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but who knows.

    I am going to make an honest effort to completely cut out PMO forever, I know that sounds ridiculous but what happened last night, I could feel the energy flow through my entire body, something I've never experienced when I was just in my bedroom fapping endlessly all night for years.

    Just wanted to share this with you all, thanks for reading
  2. I feel you bro. It's like you are truly yourself on nofap. You are nervous and stressed but you do what you wanna do anyways. It happens to me as well, sadly I relapse so often. When you are not staying at home PMOing all the time, you have this desire to see people, to talk to people, to create bonds with people again. Good for you man!
  3. Nothing ridiculous at all about cutting PMO out forever :)
  4. FURPY

    FURPY Fapstronaut

    Yes yes....all good...keep going down the NoFap road....
  5. Sudipto Dey

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    :cool::cool: cool bro you jst get the taste of nofap very early. keep this journey on.
  6. g2stop

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    That's great and inspiring. I really want to connect to people on a deeper level also.
  7. Darkstar 22.84

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    You were always a human being, you were just trapped in the dark.
    Keep searching for the light
  8. freshstart25

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    Thats so cool, hopefully it all works out for you brotha!
  9. Inexperienced something similar on day 14 so I'm pretty sure it has something to do with NoFap!
  10. Dreadnoughts

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    Now use this to your advantage to keep going. As you said (not bragging) I've never had a problem talking to a girl and sealing the deal but the PIED is what finally made me want to stop. When the girl I love thought it was her and I didn't love her is why I couldn't preform that's where I drew the line, it has to stop.

    So luckily you have found an extremely good reason to keep you on the path of no PMO. Now when ever you have an urge or something just think about that feeling you had the other night and say "why do something that is going to last like 5 seconds and ruin what could be a lifetime?"
  11. Namekian23

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    Even though you said this accomplishment didn't seem much, it's actually a huge step. Believe me, when I was here on the first day I started Nofap, I had no confidence in myself whatsoever. After learning about PMO addiction, relationship advice, helping other people, and so on, I learned to really appreciate what Nofap has to offer.

    And yes, I've experienced the same things you're experiencing now. I want to congratulate you for doing this. I know it's not easy, but I think it's huge accomplishment in my eyes. I, too, have met an amazing young woman. She is a very special someone to me, and because of Nofap, I was able to get to her. When I was on Nofap, I did 30 days no PMO several times, learned a lot about porn addiction, and asked as much advice as possible. Throughout the physical benefits from abstaining from PMO, my relationships with women have changed.

    I can talk to females more, I've made female friends, and I'm gaining confidence in myself overall. Before you know it, you'll be on the same page, if not better. Keep up the good, there's so much more you need to do. But in time, you will accomplish these goals. Nofap has done me a whole a lot of good, and I'm sure it has for you. Good luck on your journey!
  12. Green_Tea

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    Your post gives me hope; I'm glad to know there are still decent young people out there. Congratulations!

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