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    Hey guys!

    I am 28 years old guy. I have been PMO since I was 13??? maybe 12 :). It started to be real addiction couple of years ago, I´d say 6 years. Last 4 years it was really bad. But I had not noticed anything wrong with me everysince my body told me to do something with it (after a day spend mostly on PMO). I realised couple months ago that PMO couple times a day, in a car, at work or while my gf is having a bath is not normal. So I have started to google up if there are some guy having the same problem. And obviously there are. Which helped me a lot with my decision and cure procedure.
    Well to be honest i started on the 22nd of February and eversince I relapsed once after 10 days and before (7th day) I had sex with my gf who knows about my problem and she is being very supportive. It was so akward to tell her...but we set the rules up and she is ok with that.

    Do I fell better after few days with nofap? I have to say i definitely do!!! It has not been easy and I am just in the beggining but I have to say even after 2 days I realised that I can concentrate to my work better. It costs me banch of energy to avoid being on porn web pages or stalking girls on fb or other. After K9 instalation it is quite easy to resist. On the other hand, I had to stay at home on Monday and the feeling to PMO was so f-strong... that I relapsed.

    I could have written a very long story though...many things on my mind. I decided to join this community - all the information I had gone through helped with this cure that I like very much so far! The most thing I like is the feeling of self confidence what getting now...


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