Something sad happened to me today

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  1. I'm over 500+ days free from that addiction (I mean, like 99% free, because some flashes still happen), and today I've experienced something that saddened me and made me think about being addicted.
    I've been searching through one of my e-mail addresses used only for rubbish stuff, and then I came across a very specific message. It was a message where the person said that he planted a malware on my computer because I had watched an adult video. He supposedly knew about my addiction and in two days he would send some videos of me watching the video from my cam (and the adult videos clip too) to some of my contacts. He blackmailed me to pay over 800 USD.

    My first thought was: WTF?

    Then, I immediately cooled down and though 'Wait a sec. I've always had my cam covered and I haven't watched any adult video for over 500 days. I've been using anti-malware and antivirus softwares all the time too! Why was I worried?

    I realised it was a clear scam. I'll see if some more messages come soon, but... I'm not worried. I'm just sad.

    To think that a person who gave up on his old shitty habits would be scared after getting such a message? Weird, but that was my first feeling. It made me realise that maybe somewhere in my mind I'm still afraid. That something still tells me I'm an addict even though in my current state I don't think I'll ever relapse. It also made me think how scared I would be if I had got this message two years ago.

    Everyone, your addiction is not worth that fear. Quit it, and you'll only laugh at such scams. Because, you see, the next feeling after sadness is anger. This fraud who sent me the message has no idea of what I'd been thorough. If I could reply to him (obviously, you never reply to spam), I would have just two words for him:

    Fuck you.

    I wish you'll be saying those words to your addiction every day. Stay strong, friends.
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    Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience and for the tip. It helps a lot. Congrats on the improvement!
  3. daugaugl

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    When looking to the past, we always feel guilty if it's something like p, or being rejected...
    And i think your email address is exposed somewhere, just ignore it and enjoy your day =)))))

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