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    My Journal
    So, I came back home on day three of my journey today, and I went to sleep and I had a dream. In this dream, my cat walked into my room, and looked towards the window, and he looked in astonishment. I turned around, and I see a bright light, like the sun is 3 feet away from me, outside my window. And I realize that it's god, standing outside my window. God hugs me. Not like a normal human would, but I feel a light wrapping around me, and that feeling of the light wrapping around you is the best feeling in the world. I hear a beautiful sound, one that I cannot explain! Then god dissapears, and I wake up, in astonishment. So, later, I was going to decide to watch some P, and then all of a sudden my cat walks into my room, looking amazed, he's stark g behind me, out the window, and I turn around, and there I see that bright light. I felt soooo good near that light, that I passed out. I woke up, smiling. Knowing that god was right outside my window, I began to ball my eyes out.
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    Good lord is always with you :) Pray and fight for salvaition of your soul!
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    This is your know the way more excuses.

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