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  1. women, romance and sex.

    I don't know where it comes from. I just get in a mood where I hate everything to do with dating.

    Sometimes I want to date a girl so I can break her heart. Sometimes I think hurting a woman is more better than loving a woman.

    Sometimes I just look through the dating section on the forum just so I can feel anger. Sometimes I've responded to threads not wanting to help but to start a fight because I am angered by romance and sex.

    I know this is bad but sometimes I feel this way. I don't always feel this way. Most of the time I love women, romance and sex. But sometimes this strong hatred comes over me.

    What is this? Where does it come from? How do I get rid of it?
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    you can't, you gotta focus on something else, see them as the cherry on the cake and the cake as your life visions,

    bruh see life as a game, yo want a girl in call of duty, or you want to get good at killing people, or fifa, how you gonna get better, by grinding, getting money, upgrading players, and trying to be one with the team now life, go find your diet, get healthy, get excersing, here is plenty of challenges, try to quit some things, so the temptation of porn and fapping is lower then on what your quitting, for me music is hardest, but I'm listening to it right now lol, get to the gym get some gainz, get into acting maybe or dancing, or any other sport, try meditation, enjoy being alone, and you watched porn so it comes from porn
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    We all hate things from time to time driven by emotion. It might be jealousy that causes this hate mood period.
    Are you in a relationship? Did you date alot? If the answers are no and yes (that order) it might be frustration.
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    I sometimes have these feelings too, and I believe it's because of my fears and jealousy. I never really dated anyone for any significant time and I don't even know how to approach this problem, so it's easier to hate it.
  5. No and no. I did have a two-year relationship and an eight months relationship but have been single for about 1 1/2 years.
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    Good sex with someone you care about usually fixes that. Had that but my addictions screwed it up. I'm on the right road finally

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