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  1. 21 year old male from Kent in England.

    I joined NoFap a few months ago, with the best intentions of using it as a tool to kick out my habits and improve my perspective towards relationships, sex and women.

    After a successful first week, I relapsed. I didn't feel guilty because seven full days was more than I had managed in years without PMO. After many on/off, spells for two months, I lasted three weeks but these were unconscious, without intention, I just didn't have the libido I normally felt so didn't bother.

    This led me up to a heavy relapse for the past month, and it has been as bad as ever. I find myself staying up late, waking up early, in a bad state for my working day, I've got less confidence in social situations and much less self esteem even when others compliment me.

    I can't cope alone and I really want to overcome this addiction before it starts to deteriorate my life in a big way.

    I'm young, I have a lot of good opportunity in front of me that's possible, but I'm scared of being held back in my ways, scared of being found out at work, at home and scared of being alone to be honest.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because I want to overcome my addiction and all the things I have tried so far haven't worked.


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