SOs (significant others): Check out the SOS (Significant Other Support) Group!

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by BuddhaPunkRobotMonk, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. ILoathePwife

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    @matthewmammothrept I checked and the last new member approval was on Dec. 31. That does seem to coincide with when there was changes to the groups, possibly? Like I said, we do have multiple group members approving requests and it appears nobody has been getting notifications to approve these new group members. Plus the other issue that we cannot invite new members. Is this a problem across all groups or just ours?
  2. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

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    Thank you for double checking and letting us know @ILoatherPwife. We are looking into the problem now. We've had some issues with a recent Cloudfare (the software we use to protect from DDoS attacks) update messing up groups permissions, and it seems like there may still be some issues related to that. We'll let you know as soon as we find out what the problem is and restore function.
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  3. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    OK, thanks.
  4. StillStuckinReverse

    StillStuckinReverse Fapstronaut

    Thank you, I checked again today and it says It is still waiting. I will keep checking hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  5. WarRoom

    WarRoom Guest

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  6. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    You're welcome. Unfortunately it's still not fixed. :-(
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  7. WarRoom

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  8. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    There was an issue with approving new member requests to the group but that has been fixed now. FYI
  9. Iroquois

    Iroquois Fapstronaut

    I would very much like to join
  10. KAG314

    KAG314 Fapstronaut

    I've posted previously but I would definitely like to join.
  11. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    We'd be glad to have all SOs. Unfortunately a while ago there was some kind of update that made it so we admins cannot invite members. So you need to click on groups, then SOS group and follow the steps to join.

    Or click here.

    For a while that wasn't working either, but that's been fixed now. The group now also has it's own private forums. It looks just like the main forums at nofap but unless you are a member you can't see it. It says public but we've carefully tested it and no one can see the forums within our group unless they are a group member.

    Let me know if you have trouble joining.
  12. Jessecuhhh

    Jessecuhhh New Fapstronaut

    Hi, I would like to join this group please. I am feeling very lost and alone and could use some advice from anyone who understands what I'm going through.
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  13. WifeInTheDark

    WifeInTheDark Fapstronaut

    Just wondering if the tech issues were resolved? These posts are all from January!
  14. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    Yes, for the most part. As per my post above on May 2, we can now approve new member requests. (Jessecuhhh who posted above on May 25 requested to join and was approved not long after she posted here.) To join, SOs need to go to groups, click on the SOs and request to join.

    Or click here.

    The only thing that isn't fixed is that we cannot invite new members. They have to request to join.
  15. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    If you continue reading through the thread you'll see multiple posts from me and others as we worked to resolve it and eventually did.
  16. Seth LDA

    Seth LDA Fapstronaut

    Asked today to join the group.. :)
  17. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    You're in! Welcome.
  18. AWomanAtWar

    AWomanAtWar New Fapstronaut

    Hi, I am new here and I have requested to join the Spousal Support Group. I look forward to being a part of the group so I can find direction for the never ending questions and support in picking up the pieces.
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  19. Ready_To_Give_Up

    Ready_To_Give_Up New Fapstronaut

  20. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    Unfortunately, we can't add you. You have to go in the first post and click on the link or go to groups and find sos group and request to join.

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