SOs (significant others): Check Out the SOS (Significant Others Support) Group!

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    Being the SO (significant other) of a porn addict can be a lonely experience. The anger, betrayal, loss of self-confidence, shame. Having a partner addicted to pornography is not something most people would want to share with their friends or family. With nobody to talk you, you may feel isolated, like you are the only one among your friends and family with a partners addicted to porn.

    The truth is, your situation is very common. Porn is one of the leading causes of breakups in relationships today. Not only that, pornography use is rampant. 87% or young men and 31% of young women have admitted to using pornography, and that doesn't count the people who were too ashamed to admit their porn use. Point is, porn addiction is widespread, and so are the problems it can create in relationships.

    You are not alone. Here at NoFap, you will find a community of SOs like yourself who are struggling with the same, or very similar problems. This great and supportive community of men and women have created a support group, SOS (Significant Others Support), for people like you who need some help in difficult times. The group is an exclusive group, only SOs can join through invitation or by request. If you are interested, click here to request to join the group.

    PLEASE NOTE: The SOS group is only for significant others (male or female) of porn addicted individuals. If you are an SO, you are welcome. If you are not an SO, please do not apply to join the SOS group. It is for SOs only.

    Also, please note that the SOS group is a community-operated support group and does not represent the opinions of the NoFap administration.
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