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    Has anyone found if they eat Soy (estrogen) that their libido diminishes? I have been experimenting with this and it does seem to help. If you cannot stop relapsing then your best bet would be stop to stock up on soy products. I've personally been drinking soy milk, eating edamame, soy beans, soy protein powder.. basically I guess I'm trying to change my hormonal structure to stop the ravaging of urges, thus stopping possibility of relapse.
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    Soy is not estrogen. This is a Mariana trench level post
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  3. Overforme

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    Oh so soy doesnt convert to estrogen, thus decreasing testosterone (drive)... hmm ok.
    Being a Tenacious D fan is Mariana Trench level
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    This is absolutely terrible advice. As FellatiousD said, soy is not estrogen. It does not convert to estrogen either. It contains isoflavones, which are often call phytoestrogens because they are chemically similar to estrogen found in a woman's body. These compounds are also found in almonds, hops, and many other foods. This is an often propagated myth that needs to die, along with the myth that milk gives you man-boobs. See the quote from the article below:

    "Reasonable intakes of soy foods and soy isoflavones do not affect men’s testosterone levels, estrogen levels, or fertility, although case reports have documented adverse effects from incredibly high daily intakes of soy for 6–12 months. Men who are at risk of developing prostate cancer might reduce their risk by eating soy foods, but soy foods do not appear to benefit men who already have prostate cancer."

    I think it's a horrible idea to attempt to "modify" your hormones in any way just to lower your libido, and spread this nonsense to others. A healthy libido is often a sure sign you are in good sexual health, which is a good thing! Your libido is not going away, and willpower is your best tool to manage that. If you take porn out of the equation, there will always be situations where you need to practice self-control to reign in your sexual urges. If you absolutely cannot control your urges, it would be best to seek professional help.
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    If you want to go the hormonal route you should see a doctor instead of trying to self-medicate using soy milk or some rubbish like that. If you doctor is sane, he will tell you this (playing with your hormones) is a terrible idea. He might suggest alternative medication, and if you are sane, then you will refuse those.

    You won't be helped by any of this in the long run
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    Sex drive is much more complex than one hormone. Generally, the healthier you are the more sex drive you will have.
    If your plan is to kill sex drive, then you have to become unhealthy in essence...
    To do that you can start with taking large doses of nervous system suppressants, like GABA, anti-alergy medication, 5-htp maybe drink allot of alcohol.
    Just keep in mind that side effects will include depression, zero ability to focus, apathy, lethargy.
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    It does, don't drink milk, see my thread in the self improvement forum.

    What, incase you wanna transition to a transexual or something. They take estrogen bro.

    What do you know about GABA lowering sex drive, I sometimes take 3 before bed to sleep, I'll take it tonight and over the next few weeks maybe. I need to get up earlier and get better sleep.
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    I read your thread. Milk does not give you man-boobs. It's bro science. Compared to the amount of estrogen you already have in your body, it's an insignificant amount. Secondly, your liver metabolizes steroid hormones. This is why hormones are typically injected, not ingested.

    Man-boobs mean your body fat is simply too high... I was an athlete in high school and drank milk probably everyday. No man-boobs.
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