Space Marine December - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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  1. @Primaris I don't know if the purge of heretics applies to the fallen, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  2. Newmanatee

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    I think I'm already marked as free from heresy but I'll check in just to be safe! An incredibly tough day today, urges bombaring me like I'm back in the first week again and to make it even worse, Microsoft installed a new browser on my PC that I didn't have a block set up for. I was about thirty seconds away from throwing it all away but I've made so many leaps forward during this streak that it just isn't worth it. For the first time in my NoFap journey, the voice in my head telling me to stay strong is getting louder than the voice telling me to give in. Still, another day clean, another day closer to my goals, another day fighting for the God-Emperor!
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    Yesterday had some really bad moments. I ended up browsing softcore images for a while. I didn't Masturbate but I'm not sure if this still counts as a relapse or not.
  4. |Astartes|

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    It only applies for those who are still in the game. If you have a "-" next to your name then you don't have to report back. It already means you're a heretic.


    I'm a heretic myself this month (and every other month so far) so don't feel like this is a slight or anything. Heretic is just a massive meme in the 40k community.
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  5. |Astartes|

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    It's all up to you man what you consider a relapse.
  6. Bemin

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    Making a second post just to make sure you see that i'm still here:)
  7. imandrew

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    Relapsed on 87 day, sorry guys, very hard month...
  8. Newmanatee

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    Super sad to hear a relapse after such a long streak but lots of positives to take away from it, one that you have it entirely in your capacity to actually reach that high a number of days, secondly that you've reduced your PMO from like once a day/once every two days to once every EIGHTY SEVEN days! That in itself is crazy progress. So don't be demoralised, take a moment to gather yourself, list your reasons for doing this, examine what caused the stress and the relapse and come back even stronger. Blessings man!
  9. Antimatteromega

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    Okay I've decided to go easy on myself this time and not count it as a relapse. However if something like that happens again (I'll say it here so I can't take it back) I'm getting sucked into the Warp.

    Don't listen to those Fenrisian sirens, when they nearly got me I swear I saw some crab claws :)
  10. ToMMy.H

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    guys I am really not proud of myself
    I even watched some abusive porn stuff and relapsed again
    I got drunk because christmas times and...dissaponited as fuck rn
  11. Checking in. I've been spending waaay too much time on the computer lately. Now I even have a bit of an excuse - foot surgery yesterday. I should be keeping foot elevated though, not sitting at a desk gorging on cryptocurrency stuff. Had some temptations too which I had to fight and take some action on. I'm glad that's over.

    My goal for next few days is to:
    - read (a book) for at least 30 mins a day
    - get back to daily routine of meditation and bible reading
    - check in here every day

    Alas, some of our soldiers have fallen in battle...thinking of you:


    Stay focussed on the goal lads. I know it feels crap when you stumble...but let's keep moving forward together. Review your journal, look forward, and let's do this :D

    Have you jumped onto a short challenge before January starts? There's still time to jump into the seven day challenge if you're not already on a shorter one.

    Good to keep focussing on that future @Antimatteromega :D

    Nice list.

    I still love reading number 4. (if anyone finds a knight or dragon emoji that works with the BB editor, please let me know!)
  12. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    Thanks! Yeah number 4 is actually something that I said to a friend once in response to why I'm not inclined towards PMO anymore. Most people find it weird and an obsession in itself to stop watching porn. It's an obsession about porn in its own way I think. It's and obsession to stay away from it but also that you sort of place it upon a pedestal and give it that much worth and impact on your life. I understand this way of thinking and I think there's actually truth to it. That being said. The reward for completely abstaining and engaging in it is so much greater than just being complacent with the way things are. Especially if you feel like it drags you down in one way or another like it does for all of us here.

    Anyway this was basically what he said to me about my weird inverted obsession about it, which I think is true, but then I posed the question to him "If you created a hero or an alias in a video game that you wanted to identify with or at least aspire to be like, would you have it stop once a day to jerk off to porn? Wouldn't you rather be out there slaying dragons?" at that point he completely got what I was doing. Just a heureka moment or an epiphany of sorts. He actually started doing NoFap as well then but only lasted about 6 days and gave it up. The slaying dragons part obviously refers to doing great things in your life. Becoming great at your job, aspiring to be something, have new and exciting experiences, visit and travel the world and finding that one special person in your life.
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    Checking in for the Templars. @Gallade_Templar nice meme. This is what I had in mind, and exactly the mood I was in. Hahaha!
    And to continue in this manner, I have to report to my fellow Templars,
    Merry Christmas to all!
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  14. |Astartes|

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  15. I'm in day 370 at the moment :D still going spent and plenty more space wolves painted recently :)
  16. Yes I am in the challenge I wasn’t informed by the alerts, that you had created the December challenge. I apologize for this. But I have completed 25 days this month I. Going to reply to the thread daily. Fellow templars sorry for this behavior
  17. |Astartes|

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    I've completed the monthly purge now. Below you can see the process of elimination that took place. Have a good day!

  18. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    :emoji_snowman2: Seasonal Event :emoji_snowman:
    Part 5 - Retrieving the Sacrifice and Warp Brawls

    “Just look at that… it’s so big... and hairy…” one of the Space Wolves proclaimed, staring wide eyed at the monster.

    “Don’t listen or look at it Sven!” another wolf says trying to hold the other wolf back.

    The “sirens” as the Space Wolves call them turned out to be hulking snow monsters. To each his own you think to yourself. The Blood Angels homeworld of Baal certainly have another palette and taste for beauty. The few Space Wolves who were claimed by the monsters walked up to them smiling with open arms only to find themselves decapitated, maimed or worse.

    Fenrisian "Siren"

    The object of retrieval for the sacrifice is supposed to be just around the next bend according to Santa Claws. You all stumble across a small settlement of smaller Fenrisian denizens. The wolves have become awfully quiet and eye the smaller creatures warily. It seems like the creatures are building “snowmen”.


    As you approach the next bend the wolves become excited. There’s a keg of some sort in the middle of the valley. Apparently this is the object that is supposed to be sacrificed on the north pole to Emperor knows what monster.

    After retrieval of the object you and your fellow Astartes turn around to the sound of something shuffling. The snowmen that the smaller creatures were building have come alive and are now charging towards you! You grab your bolter, chain sword and defend yourself!

    To be continued…

    Somewhere in the warp…

    Following Leman Russ and the others who have lost themselves in the warp a plan seems to be taking form. You’re all going to raid the daemons and carve out your glory in this other realm. Leman Russ explains…

    After having drunk liquid chaos and lost your mind a bit… fallen over… been maimed to death… gotten into a fight or ten with both daemon and Imperial… been resurrected a bunch of times from Emperor knows what infernal source. You keep killing daemons until the daemons don’t want you in their realm any longer. The plan was simple and it still is simple.

    To be continued...
  19. Checking in comrades!

    Cheers to that :emoji_beers:
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  20. Hey, @Primaris Have you created the New November challenge?
    Tell me when you have done.:D:p

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