Space Marine February - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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I pledge my allegiance to the...

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  1. Space Wolves

  2. Black Templars

  3. Dark Angels

  4. Blood Angels

  1. Checking in.

    I'm having some similar struggles to @Rokudaime at the moment, struggling with focus. For me, I do so many other things, lots of "busy work" as it's called, and it leaves very little room for other priorities like study, church and the important people in my life. So I end up feeling totally worn out and anxious, with an ever-growing to-do list. I'm not sure what to do with this except to keep scheduling my days (and failing at this). This is my story for the last couple of months. Well, years really, but in particular, the last couple of months.

    Thanks so much @|Astartes| :D

    I'm looking forward to the new challenge. Looks great btw!

    Yep, you're sorted.
    Far out. Solid questions. I ask myself that last one sometimes. Wish I had a clear answer. I know I have eternal peace and security, but peace of mind right now is...hard to come by. What are your thoughts on this? And how are you doing today?
  2. @Sebbrix It sounds like you were really struggling on Friday. This post is THE BEST. "opened my soul out and felt the love". YESSSS.
    How are you doing since then?

    Sorry @Patty O’Furniture1289 I don't know what happened there. It's fixed now - you're in the Blood Angels as requested.

    Also, I'm glad that you were able to talk to your parents about the school and take some steps with that. May I suggest...write your promise to yourself down and put it somewhere that you'll see it.
    Im never gonna stop and pursue real life and will complete my goals.:)

    This NoFap forum is about so much more than PMO. If we can help each other somehow, we will.
  3. lemi_caution

    lemi_caution Fapstronaut

    Hello all. I m just posting to confirm my purge out of the February contest. I haven't been posting because of shame (will for reaching goal unexistent), 'cause I completely derailed from previous mind set. It has been a tough -psychologically- month, and not having a target hasn't helped. Nevertheless, I 'll see you on March (tomorrow that is!) Thank you @EndPornLiveLife ..
  4. Everyday is same, Fighting negativity everyday. Everything that I do for improvement does not give the results as expected. It is like I am being forced to return to my previous state. Maybe my methods involve being too strict on myself that is why I feel things with too much intensity. Once I complete 90 days I am gonna try a few more things to check my limits. Hope that will give me the mental peace I am craving for.
  5. Checking In for Blood Angels.

    February challenge completed.:emoji_v:
  6. Everydayisday0

    Everydayisday0 Fapstronaut

    Checking in, Day 28/28, Space Wolves. Challenge completed!
  7. Thanks @EndPornLiveLife for hosting the February Challenge. It has been a real blessing! And yes I am happy and full of optimism despite not being where I envisioned my life would be in this moment in time. I will not be participating in the March challenge as I want to reduce my internet footprint and use technology much less. Once again thank you!

    I also thank you @|Astartes| for starting the challenge. You are doing a wonderful job motivating others end their dependence on porn.

    And to all the others in the challenge. Let us keep going! We may fail many times but we must keep getting up because on the other side is freedom.
  8. Mixolydian

    Mixolydian Fapstronaut

    At the end of this challenge, I have reset my streak... don't peek or edge, guys. It's a very slippery slope.
  9. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    Checking in. Made it through the month!
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  10. I have been off the internet for a week so I missed the required check in. I made it through February without any issues.
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  11. All the best Rokudaime.

    I understand. It was great having you these last couple of months @happysloth. I salute you marine!

    All good @Chakra_Serpent, you had been active throughout so I had already marked you as present :)
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  12. Sebbrix

    Sebbrix Fapstronaut

    Thanks brother! I've been feeling pretty good for the last few days, definitely still a little out of balance but much clearer in my head. The lockdown and weather were really getting to me - sub-zero most of the time, never seeing the sun, and couldn't even meet up with friends outside the house for a coffee or anything. Then we had some amazing weather this last weekend and, after opening out to my housemates, being able to spend a day in a t-shirt on the beach, and then getting a good run in (again to the beach) was just so nice. We're back to colder weather now, but the brief respite was so badly needed.
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  13. The results are in...

    We have a tie! Black Templars and Space Wolves take the podium together, with 5 points each.

    Black Templars combo with Space Wolves.jpg

    Congratulations to these two teams. We raise our powerswords in recognition of your victory this month. Deus Vult!
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  14. Fantastic! Great to hear mate!
  15. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    !! DO YOUR PART !!
    Do you look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and wonder what you would look like in POWER ARMOUR?
    Do you you want to rid the galaxy of HERESY?
    Are you tired of chaos worshippers poisoning your mind with FILTH?
    Then join up today in the Space Marine Hell March Team Deathmatch!

    >> <<

    For the entirety of march you will fight alongside your brothers and sisters to determine which Space Marine chapter is the greatest of them all!!!


    I've been posting this around the forum in appropriate places and I'll post it here as a reminder for those of you who wants to continue in the march challenge :)
  16. vicicool

    vicicool Fapstronaut

    Imagine after you die, you’re in heaven’s court and one of the angels says to you
    “You could have been a wanker, but you chose to be awesome.”

    or do you want the angel to say

    “You could have been awesome, but you chose to be a wanker.”

    My comment wasn’t directed at you directly, I can see that you try and that you lead the Marines well, it was just something I wanted to say and was wondering if ppl feel the same way.

    But for getting the “callous attitude” away, how about imagining the conversation at top with your future partner?

    This is your choice of life:
    a) fight for what is right
    b) exist

    just exist. Like Michael Jackson said “stop existing and start living.”
  17. vicicool

    vicicool Fapstronaut

    Haha I love this. Good work man!!
    Edit: please sign me up for March. I am a Lieutenant now, finally!!!
  18. Yes this is so good. Too many Starship Troopers references are NEVER ENOUGH. Quality flick :emoji_ok_hand:
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