Space Marine February - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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I pledge my allegiance to the...

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  1. Space Wolves

  2. Black Templars

  3. Dark Angels

  4. Blood Angels

  1. Sebbrix

    Sebbrix Fapstronaut

    Thank you brother, I really appreciate that, and what a great quote! Might have to check that book out sometime!
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  2. Added:
    Black Templars

    Dark Angels
    @Fighter_4_life (Welcome to the Deathwatch!)

    Copy that @Patty O’Furniture1289. As requested, I've kept you as an Origin member this month.
    May the journey along your path help you to become simultaneously the strongest and kindest person that you can be, and may you find what truly satisfies.

    Hear hear. This is a big part of what NoFap is about for sure: removing the "empty" sexual experience, and instead reconnecting sex with emotional intimacy/connection, which I believe is how we are wired by God.

    I often quote this - a youth minister I know:
    "We don't actually NEED sex. We do NEED intimacy."


    'Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. '
    -1 Peter 5:8
  3. Hehee, I knew it was a challenge, but was hoping you could share some thoughts on what you imagined the Bahamas were like. Was it difficult to get through customs in your Space Marine powersuit?

    Nice meme haha.
    Sorry it's been tough for you mate. It's making you stronger though, even if it doesn't feel like it. It is giving you ammunition, feeding the need to change. Yes, many of us could use a fresh start. Let's do this.

    I've been struggling to get moving myself, and am hoping that the slight additional pressure (back to class) which starts tomorrow will be good for me. In any case, I'll keep coming back here every day or two, seeing you legends sticking to the lies that P & M tell us.

    Great to hear :)
    One thing I'd say - while it's an amazing feeling when we realise how smoothly things are going/lack of urges, we need to be careful that confidence ≠ dropped defences. You probably know this already but I thought it was worth raising - esp since we were just talking about this in this post

    Let's go Blood Angels!

    Glad to be here @Sebbrix :)

    Far out. What can you still do that gives you joy? Hobbies, sport, phone calls etc? Thinking of you, my fellow Blood Angel.
  4. Sebbrix

    Sebbrix Fapstronaut

    You choose a team to be a part of, any one of Space Wolves, Black Templars, Dark Angels, or Blood Angels, then you'll be added to that team by our very own EndPornLiveLife! Descriptions of the teams are found in the very first post of the thread :)
  5. Hey,
    May i join this challenge ?
    If yes, then i would try to be in team Space wolves !
  6. I understand what you are saying. However, I am confident, not overconfident. I have checks and balances in place. I learnt the hard way that overconfidence leads to complacency. The reason why I think it will be easier this time round is that I am addressing the emotional origin of my addiction, the root cause. My addiction is just the biggest symptom of my emotional issues. I also have active and passive relapse prevention strategies in place. I rehearse my relapse prevention strategy 3 times a day even when I don't have urges so that when urges arise my relapse prevention strategy becomes automatic. I am also not using my phone in bed and stop using the internet by 8 PM.
  7. MixerAwersome

    MixerAwersome Fapstronaut

  8. Gtweet

    Gtweet Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Joining the February challenge. Was in the space wolves last time but I'll participate in whatever team that needs more people.
  9. ToMMy.H

    ToMMy.H Fapstronaut

    @Gonarth That sounds great man!
    Could you share your relapse prevention strategy? I would like to hear it.
  10. I voted for blood angels. Let me In bros. This challenge sounds interesting.
  11. lemi_caution

    lemi_caution Fapstronaut

    Checking in the first day of Feb. For the Black Templars! Lets have a good fight (or flight haha) Cheers!
  12. Everydayisday0

    Everydayisday0 Fapstronaut

  13. Magnus the Red

    Magnus the Red Fapstronaut

    You're so right Tom; thank you for the advice. My weakness, or frailty, is sometimes being unable to positively release the anxiety from studying/writing/even having fun. My head is quivering with thoughts to the point that I crave for the immediate distraction of porn. I still have to find an effective way to unwind.

    You've mentioned both praying, meditating and affirmation: still being in search of faith, I am not used to praying. I am also new to meditation/affirmation: could I ask you to suggest me any resources?

    (What do you study? Comparative literature here)
  14. ok. Maybe wrinting doen these thoughts and analyzing/responding to them might help?

    I study Theology at University.. therefore naming *a* resource is kind of challenging. For me meditation/affirmation/prayer is really one thing. Connecting to god gives me my identity. Knowing my godgiven unconditional worth through his love frees me of every "junk status" seeking, insecurity and so on. I'm getting centered and just do things to honour that good nature that was given to me beforehand. (Instead of trying to motivate oneself by creating anxiety through the state of lack)
  15. Sebbrix

    Sebbrix Fapstronaut

    What gives me joy, hmm... Running, certainly, it's one of the few things keeping me sane at the moment. Working on my business projects, especially the major one and thinking about how far it could go. Meeting people and having deep conversation, and conversation with current friends of course. Cooking delicious food, learning about new things, seeing beautiful pictures and things like sunsets or landscapes, lots of different things. I need to get back to those things, thank you for reminding me of how important they are! I'll go for a run first thing tomorrow, before dawn, and try to watch the sunrise. Then I'll do some yoga or something before work, make more use of my bedroom than just sleeping and working - it's feeling very claustrophobic in here at the moment!
  16. Mya

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    NoFap Defender

    Thanks for that reminder about confidence/ dropped defences link. In my experience over time with no PMO you do develop a degree of resistance to distracting thoughts. However there is a fine line and if you try to overstep you will roll down all the the way to the bottom on the other side.

    I have also been working on something else that worked for me. I had some particular fantasies that made me loose last time. I am trying to reprogram those in my mind. And it is working for me. So whereas before I was just cutting those off completely and then they appeared of nowhere and I lost my streak. This time round I am thinking of those fantasies when i am in control and associating those to some thing I am really disgusted by and that is sort of taking the edge off those. I don't know if I have explained it well or not. This will work with fantasies nurtured and created as escape mechanism by yourself.

    Hope you find that light in your heart that illuminatrs the whole being.


    Please count me in with my fellow Wolves. Let the hunt commence. By the Grace and the Might of the Lord we will bring this prey down.

  17. Mya

    Mya Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    May I suggest that every one person is different from the other. You need to find yourself and see what works for the end the answer is sort of all the same but with tweaks of your own. The bottom line is connect deep down with your own self to what is going in in there.ifound writing reading walking very useful at different points in my life. Also your age and your testosterone levels will also determine things too. You said you are not religious person however certain triggers like looking at women etc will have same effect to bring up the thoughts you want to keep in control as it would have on a religious person for example.

    So slow your thought process down by writing , deeper thinking , walking . Find your inner self. Know that its doable and the thought that you can never really quit it is totally fake. Good luck

    On a more practical note if you do exercise then try to avoid doing heavy legs workouts. As I found those to really fire up my testosterone. Eating moderately also immensely helps. Any habits you adopt along the way need to be done for a period to see real changes results.
  18. Checking in, 2 days for the Space Wolves...
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