Space Marine Hell March - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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  1. I'm so glad I've left this heretic, time shreddering platform years ago.
    I even do remember, that most Pgifs I relapsed to in the past came from the page
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  2. Checking in. It's day 8 in the challnge. The day I've fallen in January and February.
    But I tell you my brothers.
    Today will not be that day
  3. PegasusKid

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    Day 5 for the blood wolves, kind of losing count almost which is a good thing for me. It means i'm too busy focused on other stuff in my life. Still working out according to schedule, haven't journaled much lately but that's because I was spending more time actually doing the stuff i journal about. Just gotta keep taking action and keep that momentum going.
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  4. mick5643

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    Brothers, checking in for day 8 of black templars. Last night i almost feel prey to chaos, all because of my mobile phone. I havent slept well today. I come to ask which blockers are the best for a phone.
    Only in death does duty end
  5. Checking in for the Dark Angels!
    PMO isn't going to make you happy or fill that void, but there are plenty of things that will! What do you like to do for fun? It could be reading, music, cooking, or exercise. What makes you smile? You've got to acknowledge your emotions because there's nothing wrong with them. You think this inhibiting, limiting, destructive self-denial is masculine character? I don't care if you cry! Go for it! But after that, you've got to smile, even if you don't feel like it. We tell ourselves we can't PMO, we can't, and we don't, we refuse to allow it to happen, until not doing it becomes a habit. I think you can build up positive emotions in the same way, only in reverse.
  6. Sebbrix

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    Checking in for day 8, but I'm actually going to check out for a bit. I need to have a bit of a detox from the internet, and I feel confident enough in my current streak to keep it going without having this forum as a reminder. Plus, I feel like the biggest threat to my streak atm is a combination of boredom and sexual frustration, both of which are more likely to be fixed if I leave the internet alone for a while. Stay strong brothers (both ladies and gents), I will come back before the end of the month, and I will alert you if I fall - no news will be good news!
  7. kuroneko0108

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    I still feel depressed until this moment. check in blood angels : day 4
  8. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    Good luck!! I’m also thinking along this line. Might take a week off and update the scoreboard accordingky when I get back.
  9. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    Do you use some other platform for gaming or have you completely quit gaming? I’ve also relapsed to the community page a bunch. Maybe the greatest villain so far in my NF journey.
  10. Sebbrix

    Sebbrix Fapstronaut

    (Little do they know, we're actually dropping off the radar to capture the Templars' fridge for the Blood Angels, just call me McSneaky)
  11. mick5643

    mick5643 Fapstronaut

    Not on my watch!!
  12. I'd say I've quit gaming completely.. but Started playing chess again in the pandamic.

    I don't condem gaming as such.. I lerned a lot from it in my teen years.. but at some point the disadvantages just outweight the "advantages"
    I noticed it just takes so much time and energy from me. Plut I tended to rage a lot while playing. It just got me quite toxic and it's really a shadow career/competence simulator. It's like binge watching series after series. It creates the impression of competence and progress. You progress through leveling up/progress in the story of certain charectars. But I just felt like the hero in my own story got stuck in front of a screen for way too long.
  13. Antimatteromega

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    Entered Dangerous territory yesterday and ended up edging. I'm scared, pretty much every good streak I get ends in a similar way. With Fantasies appearing more and more and I start edging until eventually it falls down. Afterwards I end up falling back into my old habits until I manage to begin anew. I don't want this to happen this time but I'm not certain with what I should do.
  14. Thanks for your response. Yeah I am not going back to PMO just to fill the void. Instead I am quite proud of my streak, it shows how strong I am in character and there is no way I am going to destroy this for temporary happiness.

    I am thinking of going on Internet detox, although I have stopped using social media, there is a possibility this nofap forum will turn out to be next addiction.
    Not using internet and going out of comfort zone for few days will give plenty of time and tasks to figure out what actually makes me happy and build on that.
    It may sound like a movie line but all this hate inside of me is one reason I power through difficulties. And I am sure there are many others like me who feel this way. Earlier I used to hate other people for my such feelings but then I realized this is a strong force.
    And the more I suppress my emotions the more I hate and the more determined I become to make myself, my surroundings better. Not sure if this is self destructing or negative. And am still not clear on this emotions topic but as long as it prevents me from falling it is good for me.
    Your response is appreciated btw.:emoji_relaxed:
  15. I really struggle now to give advice (bc I just relapsed a few hours ago (@|Astartes| ) so therefore I'm out of the challenge..

    But I want to give you my two cents..
    - There is almost always an underlying emotion that drives the craving/towards porn
    (for me it was extreme high stress and selv doubt bc I need to write a paper until the end of next week that overwhelms me pretty much)

    - maybe try to vent you craving (I want to watch porn bc xyz)
    - xyz are always halftruths (= lies) or full on lies wich you then can challenge rationally (can't do that with the blank emotion)

    - then you can do the same with the underlying emotion (stress, lonelyness whatever)

    - over time this will become secound nature and you'll be able to tell you the right things at the right time, therefore act in a better way.

    maybe you might take something from this brother
  16. 1john4:4

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    Day 6, for the wolves!
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  17. Newmanatee

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    Checking in for the Black Templars! Not a very productive day and I feel kind of lethargic but the urges have been very manageable today. I'm hitting 15 days tomorrow which was the highest I'd ever achieved before I hit my 72 day streak at the end of 2020 so I'm feeling pretty good!
    I think is a great idea brother! Let us know how it goes when you get back!
  18. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    I try to have a forward momentum no matter how well I do on NoFap. In fact NoFap isn't one of the habits that I am tracking there. I intentionally keep it away from there because I don't want to place NoFap on a pedestal too much and when I follow those habits successfully, there tends to be no time or room to think about PMO. It becomes more something that is in my periphery rather than something that takes center stage.
  19. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    I can relate a lot with that. I try to get inspired by gaming though and learn from it. The way I set up my habits and routines are complete gamification. Also I spend very little time these days gaming. I've played Civilization 5 a bit on the weekends these last two months but that's it. Something else that tend to inspire me is if I'm playing a game with some hero then I'd like to sort of emulate that hero in real life by studying and working out and sort of "level" up if you know what I mean. Every time I'm at the gym for instance I just think of myself as a Space Marine in training basically and the inspiration that I've found in sci-fi/fantasy games or books, is something that I've tried to spread here on the forum (hence why this challenge is all about these superhuman warriors that I also want others to aspire to since it has helped me so much). Even though a big part of this challenge surrounds the Team Deathmatch aspect, which is something that I hope inspires an extra layer of willpower, a big aspect of it is also about the theme in itself. Granted a lot of it is tongue in cheek and for humorous purposes as well (like the heresy memes etc), it's as much to do with the "story" that we tell ourselves on our NoFap journey. I've found it immensely helpful to imagine PMO as an entity that can be beaten. Something that is not inherently a part of ourselves but more of a parasite (or a daemon of chaos) that can be expunged and cast out. The different aspects of Chaos are all part of PMO in their own ways, like @mick5643 's recent posts have so brilliantly explained, and focusing on those aspects as the different entities to beat can be really helpful in my opinion. So yeah this became something of a longer post than I set out to write but hey now you know a bit about my reasoning behind this challenge at least.
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