Space Marine Hell March - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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    8 days in for space wolves and surprisingly it hasn't been as hard as I expected. Not letting my guard down but its eye opening what happens when I focus more on life and less on unimportant streaks and such. Got a long road to go but I'm getting there.
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  4. OhWhenThe

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    Day 11/31 Space Wolves :emoji_wolf:

    Came close to giving in today but managed to step back and regroup.
  5. Newmanatee

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    Unfortunately, I have to report a relapse brothers. A combination of stress, tiredness and junk food really pushed me over the edge after consecutive days of extremely heavy urges. When the thought to relapse came about yesterday, I could find no strength or motivation to fight it. It's becoming increasingly clear that now I've managed to build regular streaks beyond my old barrier of 3-4 days, that days 12-16 are really proving to be a key time for many of my relapses. I need to be hyper-vigilant during this time, avoiding temptations especially. One of the things that lead up to this relapse was specifically searching for images that, while not pornographic, were clearly my brain searching for a dopamine hit. That stuff needs to be cut out and cut out strongly.
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  6. kuroneko0108

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    Keep the spirit alive, my friend. You can bounce back from the slump of relapse
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    8 days in Blood Angels!!
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  8. Joe M.

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    Relapse, Day 0. I'm so sorry my Brothers. I will resume the mission in April, with more resolve and success.
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    Brothers, checking in for black templars day 12. To all the brothers that have fallen, you havent lost yet, a relapse is a bad thing, but after its done get back on NoFap, dont binge or all the progress you have made will be gone.
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  10. Checking in for the Dark Angels!

    A couple times today I caught myself beginning to fantasize about female classmates or friends. Needless to say, I quickly turned my attention elsewhere, but it was a little frustrating nonetheless.
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    Forgot to check in due to alerts not reminding me. :emoji_sweat_smile: Checking in now for Black Templars. :D
  12. I'm sorry to report that I relapsed yesterday. It's been a hectic couple of weeks, not enough sleep or quality time with people. A couple of things happened and I let myself start exploring and testing the internet filters (which inevitably led further). No excuse. My commitment has been to not even do that, but I did. So I recommit to it now, and try again.

    Go team Space Marines! Especially wishing my brothers and sisters in Blood Angels the very best. I'll stick my head in here occasionally in the next couple of weeks and see how things are going, and then join next month's challenge.

    I've joined the 3 day challenge as well to help get moving, and to help get past the chaser effect.

    Also, reading verses like the below ⬇ would help.
  13. Checking In for Blood Angels.

    So I think I stayed away from internet for 3 days(this is the third day) and I felt less anxiety and brain fog. Even though I engaged in a small verbal fight yesterday but still I controlled myself pretty well.
    Read a post which said if one is still experiencing withdrawal symptoms after 90days then they are PAWS. Idk what that means but they may take around 5months to completely disappear.
    I have an exam tomorrow and I need to prepare for that. The coming month will be full of exams so it will be good to prepare well in advance.
  14. 1john4:4

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    Day 10 for the wolves!!!!!
  15. Feeling shit again. This feeling restricts me to transcend my limits. The thought comes like this "You will never be able to get good marks again. You can never change. You will always remain in this state of deep shit." and this makes me think more and more and makes me distracted. The more of it is that the feeling lasts the whole day and my days go to waste. Today also it happened like this I can't focus to study. I can't do this and that.


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  16. Sebbrix

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    Blood Angels, I am truly sorry, I succumbed today. Many of you may remember my experiment with chillies last month; I did a similar "what could possibly go wrong" experiment but this time I wasn't strong enough. What have I learned? Coffee gives me a hard-on, I shouldn't repeat that experiment, and not much else - I'm going to keep experimenting with ridiculous, stupid, possibly dangerous shit because that's who I am!

    Sure I have broken my streak, but that's not what matters; I made it to 62 days (62 motherfracking days!) and that tells me that I can, in fact, go without PMO for as long as I want. I would say that I have overcome this addiction, in as much as you can overcome an addiction, and can live my life in a manner uncontrolled by PMO. I will, of course, continue to abstain - I don't want to slip back into the hole I was in before, but I can honestly say that the problems I have faced during this streak have mostly revolved around depression and suicide, not pornography. (I should probably seek therapy for those tbh)

    I will return in April, naturally, and rejoin the fight as a dedicated Blood Angel, but for this month my fight is over. Stay strong all, I'll stick around for moral support!
  17. lemi_caution

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    Checking in for the Templars. Very busy days, and that is definitely a way to keep away from bad company. Cheers!
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  18. Let me know what you learn. See you in april challenge Mate. I will be fighting for our team till then.

    Our 2 of the strongest warriors have fallen. However there is still some chance that Blood Angels can win this challenge.
    Maybe we should encourage a little more competitive spirit in here to make things exciting for all teams. Just saying.
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