Space Marine Hell March - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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  1. I'm out for the count. Continue on black templars and all.
  2. Checking In for Blood Angels.

    I am somehow surviving in this challenge despite all the negative thoughts flooding my brain.
    Staying alone at home all day could be dangerous if you are not careful enough.
    Today was full of urges to get a single peek of any Psub I used to see on instagram or twitter. I resisted everytime to not touch the phone and you know what happens when you refuse to listen to your brain?? Huge BRAINFOG:emoji_upside_down:
    Now my head feels so heavy that it will burst any moment. I feel like a walking zombie.
  3. Checking in for the Space Wolves! It has a period of negative thinking that is too dangerous for me to keep myself in. I am going to engage in CBT strategies to handle my thoughts.
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  4. mick5643

    mick5643 Fapstronaut

    Hello brothers, I write this in order to vent. Today im sick, my head is hurting a lot and I have nausea. Im mad because I have been able to stick to a workout routine for many weeks, and I wanted to workout today. But I really cant. I have taken some meditation and Im going to take a nap. Tomorrow i will resume my training as if nothing happened. But today I rest. I will not PMO no matter what.
  5. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    So I'm just updating my previous post. I've done all of the above and feel pretty good about it. Haven't worked out but I did take a very long walk through pretty rough terrain (just walking straight into the forrest basically not following any trail).

    Also I've added an extra rank that is chapter specific. Partly to diversify each chapter when it comes to ranks but also to solve the problem of only having one Chapter Master per chapter. So if you're a Black Templar for instance and you gain the rank of Emperor's Champion at the same time as another you will both compete for the next, and final, rank that is Chapter Master. How do you compete? Well if there's only one Emperor's Champion then that one will become Chapter Master when gaining a rank. So don't relapse basically.

    Here are the new ranks for those who are interested. All you 40k buffs can come with suggestions of better suited chapter specific ranks if you want but at the moment I'm running with these.

    Space Wolves = Wolf Guard
    Blood Angels = Sanguinary Guard
    Dark Angels = Deathwing Knight
    Black Templars = Emperor's Champion
  6. Hello brothers and sisters, I needed to ask if someone has experienced high urges after eating chocolates/cocoa/coffee?
    I was thinking I reached 80days without much difficulty but then why this SR streak got much more difficult suddenly.
    I came to conclusion that it might be related to my diet. Since mid january my diet has changed drastically. Later on more spicy food is being cooked at where I stay. Since I am still a student and I stay around 6hours outside at univ I am eating junk food(particularly momos) everyday during noon. And lately I have been eating chocolates almost everyday.
    Spicy food causes urges that I learnt but not sure about chocolates.
    Maybe this is the reason behind my brainfog condition. Although I dont think there can be any connection behind brainfog and diet. Or maybe I am overthinking as usual.
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  7. Sebbrix

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    Coffee definitely causes urges, it's what caused me to fail when I did. Chocolate is known as the food for valentine's day so I suspect it fuels the passion as well.
  8. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    Anything that cause a dopaminergic spike should be treated with care. Both sugar and caffeine enhances dopamine signalling in the brain which makes it spike. Caffeine also has a tendency to cause anxiety if consumed in too great quantities. I consume way too much coffee for my own good. I always feel more centered if I only consume one or two cups per day instead of the insane 5-7 cups that I'm usually at.

    In fact, moving forward, I'm going to set a cap of two cups of coffee per day.
  9. lemi_caution

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    Checking in. Some difficult days for me. The motive seems to fade away. My own sword is hanging over me by a single thread, I need somehow to revive the spark. See ya!
  10. OhWhenThe

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    Day 14/31 Space Wolves :emoji_wolf:

    One or two mild urges today but nothing crazy.
  11. kuroneko0108

    kuroneko0108 Fapstronaut

    Day 11 for blood angels
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  12. Mixolydian

    Mixolydian Fapstronaut

    Black Templar, checking in.
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  13. Checking in for the Dark Angels! I wouldn't mind being a Deathwing Knight some day!

    Sounds like quite a few people are having a rough time right now. Go talk a walk, drink some water or splash it on your face, and do some breathing exercises. Remember all the strategies you've developed and lean on one another! We'll carry you through the battle no matter how many wounds you sustain but we'd rather not carry a corpse.
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  14. mick5643

    mick5643 Fapstronaut

    Checking in day 15 black templars. Yesterday was a hard day to say the least. The fact that I couldnt workout made it worse. But Ill keep moving forward without hesitation. I will not PMO
  15. 1john4:4

    1john4:4 Fapstronaut

    Day 13 for the wolves!!!!
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  16. Noted.
    I feel somewhat in my own mind today. I think I have consumed too much chocolates in past 4-5days. I normally don't eat chocolates but you know when you are bored so to fill the time you feel like eating something. That is the mistake I made. Although I feel somewhat better today but just to be safe lets say it will take a week to return back to normal mind.
  17. People, I fucked up!
    As you can see my streak. I am currently in a state that 'I THINK' I can't recover from it.
    Please help people. Only you are in my life who can help me as caretakers and supporters.
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  18. mick5643

    mick5643 Fapstronaut

    Brother what happened?
  19. I don't know for how much time people take off when they are depressed or not feeling well. Like binging for3-4 hrs or something else. I don't really know how much to binge. Whenever I start binging after suppressing those thoughts and getting failed; My 2 days almost get ruined. Even If I Binged for only one day. Anyway, that doesn't happen I end up binging for at least 2 days.:emoji_disappointed_relieved:

    I wanna restrict my indulging in bad activities for some time rather than getting 2 days ruined and internally Back to Zero. Can you suggest me something; So that I can at least reduce my slack/bad time for only a period of time?:emoji_expressionless:

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