Space Marine January - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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  1. Day 20 done.
    Day 21 checking in.
    -Black Templars-
  2. I feel obligated to report that I fell again to PMO. After a streak of only 5 days, too...this feels like I'm slipping, like my progress is slowly being erased. I don't want to go back to that lifestyle! I don't...
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  3. Caged_bird

    Caged_bird Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your words brother..
    I will surely check that app...
    And i am very happy to tell you that I am feeling really really amazing this time...
    This struggle definitely will give us a blissful end
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  4. vicicool

    vicicool Fapstronaut

    *sister ;)
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  5. Caged_bird

    Caged_bird Fapstronaut

    Its okay. I am sister myself...
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  6. Checking in!

    There's so much great stuff being shared here. It makes me smile every day when I open this thread. Thank you :)

    LOL! Cheers mate. Your powersuit will walk again, @Sebbrix :D

    Absolutely. You will be moved to the deathwatch once you've finished smashing out this month. Almost there @Patty O’Furniture1289!

    Way to go @T0mCrus4der. You are an honourable marine. Thanks for checking in and sharing where things are at. Just 8 days to go in the current month - I look forward to walking with you in the February challenge with your counter kicking at my heels. You got dis!

    That sucks :-( Are you doing okay?

    What's holding you back @Gallade_Templar? Are there things going on that are affecting your emotional space? Practical things that can be done? We're all ears. Or, eyes.
    Sending you a few trolley-loads of motivation :emoji_shopping_cart::emoji_shopping_cart:. Use it not just when you're tempted, but in planning. Let us know how you go :D

    Yup :)
  7. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    Sorry relapsed twice in one day

    Quarenteen fault sucks sooo much idk if im able to ubstain PMO while on lockdown
  8. Magnus the Red

    Magnus the Red Fapstronaut


    Still fighting brothers.
    But today I felt besieged by urges, betrayed by my own thoughts. I ended up being hooked up for almost an hour to P. I would consider it a reset if I hadn't been able to retake control of myself and quit everything, which is a huge success to me considering how things degenerated in the past times.
    I will take what happened as a sign that something was wrong; though I didn't count that as a relapse, I won't go ahead pretending nothing serious has happened. First change, back regularly here on the battlefield to provide you with memes.
  9. Mixolydian

    Mixolydian Fapstronaut

  10. Mya

    Mya Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Ok guys I think I have narrowed it down to 2 things.

    1- ignore that thought and donot entertain it.

    2- lower your gaze the second it falls on that girl/ that scene and donot entertain the thought.
  11. @EndPornLiveLife Thank you for the motivation. Part of it was not sticking to my schedule. I like to lay out a general plan of tasks to accomplish each day, and if I get lazy and avoid them, it opens the door for me to slide in other areas, such as in the fight against PMO.
  12. Roger that! Burn it in holy fire!

    Heh, you were about to get a mention in my next post about the latter ;-) Glad you're still here @Magnus the Red, struggling or not.

    Yeah man. Same problem here. Procrastination becomes pornification. Something to watch out for.

    For me, I need to get better at allocating work time vs relax time, otherwise it all becomes procrastinate time, which leads to stress and other things.
  13. Shout out to the following Space Marines, are you still in the fight with us? Just a few hrs remaining to report to the authorities.

    + @happysloth
    + @Chakra_Serpent
    + @Urbancottage30
    + @Ydril
    + @nitetrain333
    + @youngthegiant10

    Especially the last two, I need you to carry my team ;-)
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  14. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    I’ve unfortunately had two concecutive days of relapse now. It’s 3am right now and I feel like I’m having a mental breakdown or something. Worst relapse in memory for me.

    I’ve chosen to delete Tinder, which I installed about a month ago, and Snapchat which I only used because some girls I was chatting with wanted to continue the conversation there. I just feel even more alone using those apps and the dopamine rush of using them are akin to porn.

    I went into the city today with the only objective of getting an alarm clock so that I won’t have to use my smartphone to wake me up or any other electronics for that matter. I’m going to, moving forward, lock them inside my car before going to bed to make sure I don’t have any access to porn.

    I’ll get back here and update my mental state tomorrow.

  15. I hope I am not too late! I am still in the battle. I have been so busy. I have taken too many projects and now I am being crushed under the weight so much so I am beginning to be paralyzed by anxiety. I have been escaping lately by using YouTube instead of porn. It is funny that I feel the same emptiness (as watching porn) when I binge on YouTube maybe because they both affect dopamine. I don't know. I have to drop some projects whether I like it or not. My people pleasing ways are setting me up for failure.
  16. Damn I know this feeling. I'm kind of in a rut now, too. Primarly beause I binge watched some show together with my SO yesterday. I should have wuit after one or two episodes, but now I feel so depleted and empty. (therefore I reset my counter. I do this everytime I break one of my rules)
  17. I've relapsed twice so far this month. I'm currently reading The Easy_Peasy method so hopefully I can come back in February and defeat PMO.
  18. This was one big puzzle piece for me, too. Great resource and so true. I just have to keep reminding myself of this truth
  19. Mya

    Mya Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Month 0/12

    Apologies wolves. I am out. Last night was one of those nights...

    I was ok then in the evening I came across someone who was very rude and that didnt go down that well. Then in the night i had a one of the mose weird dreams but it was stressful. And then i just gave in. I could have easily said no as i felt very much in control but i chose not to and here I am.

    I dont know how this works but I will be joining back in.

    I have noticed that people unreasonable behaviours affect me disproportionately. It's either ppl or it's me. Dont know. Anyway it would be helpful if you can share your wisdom on how to develop thick skin.

  20. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    So I said yesterday that I'm going to update my mental state and well... it's not great right now.

    I've decided to get into contact with a therapist. I have too much baggage in my past to muscle my way through this shit.

    I hope you are all doing better than me right now. I'll get better I promise.

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