Space Marine November - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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  1. |Astartes|

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    Join the Crusade! Become a Hero of the Imperium! DO YOUR PART!


    The rules are simple. No PMO during the entirety of November. If you PMO then you are out and one point from your team will be subtracted. If you and your team mates hold fast and endure throughout the entirety of November you will come out as the winning team and earn the golden Aquila which is, of course, one of the highest honors an imperial citizen (even a Space Marine) can earn.

    From the hulking, axe wielding, vikings of the Space Wolves to the zelous christian knights of the Black Templars. Pick whatever faction attracts you the most and that you'd like to identify with for a month and I'll place you in that team. I'll set the cap for each team to max 10 people as there's max 10 in a squad of Space Marines.

    If you beat this challenge the previous month (october) then you will join the esteemed elite that is Deathwatch.

    The Emperor of mankind needs fresh new recruits! Leave your old ways behind and prove yourself worthy of becoming a part of spreading His light throughout the galaxy!


    ++ @EndPornLiveLife (Blood Angel)
    - @gegenavenger(Blood Angel)

    ++ @imandrew(Dark Angel)
    - @Robbo-seeking-life (Space Wolf)
    - @dandausa (Blood Angel)
    ++ @Gonarth(Blood Angel)
    - @Kingfisher (Space Wolves)


    Those who survived the last months challenge are drafted into Deathwatch. Deathwatch is an elite band of Space Marines from every chapter in the Imperium. No matter if you're a Blood Angel or a Black Templar you will be fit to join the Deathwatch if you survive the initial challenge and prove yourself as a Space Marine.

    If you relapse during your time in the Deathwatch you will have to go through the initial draft again before you can join up once more in their esteemed ranks.

    Unlike other Space Marines, the ones serving in the Deathwatch are not truly a separate Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes; rather, they are a collection of Veteran Space Marines drawn from all of the different extant Chapters who serve together in the Inquisition's service for a discrete period of time.

    To be chosen by one's Chapter to serve in the Long Vigil of the Deathwatch is a great honour for any Space Marine. Only the most elite and experienced members of a Chapter are ever chosen for this extremely hazardous tour of duty, the specifics of which must be kept secret by Inquisitorial order and sacred oath even from a Deathwatch Astartes' home Chapter.

    Deathwatch Space Marines do not usually form the standard tactical groups like squads and companies generally used by the Adeptus Astartes. Instead, they operate as small special forces units in close-knit groups of specialists called Kill-teams.

    "Amongst a hundred men, there may be none fit for the Adeptus Astartes. Amongst a hundred Space Marines, there may be one fit for the Deathwatch."

    —Watch Captain Brand

    Space Wolves (7/7 members)

    Total score: 1 - 2 = -1

    Score: -2
    - @Kingfisher

    - @Robbo-seeking-life

    Score: 1
    - @Primaris
    - @quickstarter
    - @ToMMy.H
    - @focus_
    - @hp97truthfinder
    - @a j
    + @vicicool

    "The Space Wolves are a savage and fiercely loyal Chapter of Space Marines – traits inextricably linked to the ferocity of their home world of Fenris. They are taught to fight from a young age, for war is not just their peoples’ way of life, but their only means of survival. The death world of Fenris is among the most inhospitable of its kind, with long, cruel winters, brief yet bitterly hot summers and – worse still – it’s populated by many of the deadliest fauna and alpha predators in existence. Those who thrive within such a brutal environment make potential Adeptus Astartes recruits of a quality that is all but unrivalled in the Imperium. Should the aspirants survive the myriad trials and be found worthy of joining the ranks of the Space Wolves, they will live the Fenrisian warrior’s dream, earning a saga as a chosen champion of the Allfather in glorious wars all across the Sea of Stars."

    Why would you pick the Space Wolves?
    - Because you're not just first to the fight but you're also first to the feast
    - Because you think vikings eat pirates and shit ninjas
    - Because trudging through a blizzard is making you all warm and fuzzy inside (because you're a badass)
    - Because you think wolves are really metal and would like to have one
    - Because you like the idea of having a two handed axe on your wall
    - Because you think the Dark Angels are a bunch of twats

    Black Templars (7/7 members)
    Total Current Score - 3

    Score: 0
    No members

    Score: 3
    - @Gallade_Templar
    - @Pyekcra
    - @love defender
    + @lemi_caution
    - @Muhammad Husayn
    + @[email protected]
    + @Newmanatee

    "The Black Templars are crusaders, holy warriors battling to bring the truth and light of the Emperor to the unconquered worlds of the galaxy. With bolt shell and chainsword, the Black Templars convert the benighted to the light of the Master of Mankind and destroy those who refuse to welcome His truth."

    Unlike many other chapters, the Black Templars do not have a homeworld. Eschewing the idea of one, they opt to live aboard their crusade fleets. These vary in size and are made up of dozens of Battle Barges, Strike Cruisers and other craft such as training vessels and huge forge ships. Given this fleet-based nature, the Black Templars are rarely assembled as a Chapter, but are instead divided into many Crusades, every Crusade being responsible for its own recruiting as well as training of new Neophytes. This flexible, mobile nature allows the Templars to continue the first mission of the Black Templars: to actively seek out the enemies of the Emperor and destroy them before moving onwards to find the next foe.

    Why would you pick Black Templars?

    - Because you are an absolute mad lad
    - Because you like roadtrips (they are a fleet based chapter... they don't have a homeworld as they're on an eternal crusade through the galaxy)
    - Because you feel like a zelous teutonic knight sometimes
    - Because you like the idea of having a two handed sword on your wall
    - Because you think everything looks cooler in black
    - You occasionally say shit like "Deus Vult!!"

    Dark Angels (7/7 members)
    Current Score: (1 + 2) = 3

    Score: 2
    ++ @imandrew

    Score: 1
    - @Lon3ly
    - @Shadow™輝ツ
    + @Fighter_4_life
    - @Master Chips
    - @SantaHat
    - @[email protected]
    - @Le Capitaine

    "Since the founding of their Legion at the birth of the Imperium, the Space Marines of the Dark Angels have been dreaded by their enemies and held in awe by those they protect. Stubborn and relentless in battle, ever vigilant and zealous in their pursuit of their duties, the Dark Angels are among the Emperor's most faithful servants. Yet, it was not always so. For ten millennia the Dark Angels have harboured a sinister secret, an act so terrible and shameful it threatens everything the Dark Angels hold most dear – and may yet bring them eternal damnation." — Inquisitor Bastalek Grim

    Why would you pick Dark angels?
    - You like medieval themes
    - Because you think monastic knight orders are cool
    - You use two way authentication with everything (passwords and secrets)
    - Because you feel like there's something in your past that you regret and that you need to repent for through the crucible of war (NoFap)
    - You like the idea of wearing glorious winged helmets
    - Because you think the Space Wolves are a bunch of furries

    Blood Angels (7/7 members) :emoji_trophy: (reigning champions)
    Total Current Score: 3 + 2 = 5

    Score: 2
    ++ @EndPornLiveLife
    ++ @Gonarth
    - @gegenavenger
    - @dandausa

    Score: 3
    - @wisdommatt
    + @Magnus the Red
    - @immadothis
    - @idb555
    - @I Am Somebody
    + @Patty O’Furniture1289
    + @The Glowing Shadow

    The Blood Angels were the IX Legion of the original Space Marine Legions under their Primarch Sanguinius. They are particularly well known for their bloodthirsty nature in battle. They are also one of the most long-lived Chapters, and have a refined aesthetic sense.

    They are so named the Blood Angels because of their tendency to use blood as a central symbol of their particular warrior-monk rituals, and because of their susceptibility to the Red Thirst, a wild bloodlust that arises in them during battle. If he fails to control his Red Thirst, a Blood Angel may succumb to the Black Rage, after which he becomes a completely insane killing machine with no regard for his own safety who will try to destroy the Emperor's foes even if all he has left is a bloody stump of one leg.

    "From his Blood are we born! From his essence are we made! From his passion comes our art! From his nobility comes beauty. From his might stems justice. From his thirst is born righteous rage!" – The Final Charge of the Blood angels.

    Why would you pick the Blood Angels?

    - You like vampire themes
    - You've got a really dashing smirk when you look at yourself in the mirror
    - Aesthetics are important to you
    - You prefer a glass of red wine instead of a mug of ale/mead
    - You occasinally have anger management issues
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  2. Sign me up for the Blood Angels please :D
  3. wisdommatt

    wisdommatt Fapstronaut

    I am in, Sign me up for the Blood Angels
  4. gegenavenger

    gegenavenger Fapstronaut

    @Primaris I would like to be part of Blood Angels once again.

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2020
  5. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    @EndPornLiveLife @gegenavenger

    If you complete the October challenge you will both join Deathwatch! It's the next level of this challenge if you will. It's an elite group that stands above the rest (and gives everyone else something to aim for). You will still represent your respective Space marine chapters in Deathwatch as its comprised of all different chapters.
  6. gegenavenger

    gegenavenger Fapstronaut

    Thank You @Primaris for creating this challenge and also the october challenge, this has been a great help to me in keeping my streak. Simply love this Challenge.
  7. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    I'm happy to hear it. It's been a big help for me too even though I have been falling behind lately.
  8. imandrew

    imandrew Fapstronaut

    Hello there. I'm sure I'll finish the October Challenge, so sign me up for the Dark Angels, please.
  9. I'm SURE my November will be clean + rest of October
    I'm in as a DARK ANGEL
  10. Ahh yes, well in that case, in three days I will be representing Blood Angels in Deathwatch. It is written.
  11. quickstarter

    quickstarter Fapstronaut

    @Primaris Can I join the Space Wolves?
    I'm on day 6.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2020
  12. Shadow™輝ツ

    Shadow™輝ツ Fapstronaut

    My Journal
  13. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    Thanks for this challenge I am in for November challenge..
    I wanna join dark angels
    I hope I will not fail and last the longest...
    Add me in
  14. Master Chips

    Master Chips Fapstronaut

  15. ToMMy.H

    ToMMy.H Fapstronaut

    @Primaris thx so much for creating this challenge!
    I am at similar position as in september - struggling AF!
    I would like to join you in Space Wolves.
    Time to get disciplined again!
  16. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    Cool! Which chapter do you want to join?
  17. Master Chips

    Master Chips Fapstronaut

    Dark Angels :)
  18. SantaHat

    SantaHat Fapstronaut

    Sign me up for Dark Angels please.
    Lets destroy PMO in November!
  19. gegenavenger

    gegenavenger Fapstronaut

    It seems like everyone wants to join dark angels this time. They've already got 5 members. Interesting.
  20. Checking in. Sure, it hasn't started yet, but, you know... practicing haha.
    Keen for Space Marine November NoFap Challenge!

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