Space Marine November - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Primaris, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Checking in for blood angels. The urges today are insane, and I feel a lot more demotivated. I also feel a lot more guilt for myself. But I will fight 'cause of myself.

  2. I Am Somebody

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    Awesome :)
    Make sure to beat your prev best before you go down. ie: Deathwatch
  3. IDB555 has already reported
    @wisdommatt and @immadothis are left
    where are you guys??
  4. Primaris

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    Their last posts were around the beginning of this month so I'm gonna perform an early purge here. Thanks for pointing them out.
  5. My last streak was of 8 days, I've completed that, but I will not go down until I reboot myself. I can't waste my precious time anymore to this addiction.
    I will fight and win. I shall not loose to this. Not this time.
    BTW thanks to this website and all the support I got from all you fellas.
  6. I Am Somebody

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    Immadothis. I am afraid his name says it all
  7. I Am Somebody

    I Am Somebody Fapstronaut

    I advise you to not be too audacious with your goal. 30 days is not an easy as you're believing right now. I ve seen guys 40-50 60 yr ol struggling to go over couple of days.
    Make sure to reach Deathwatch and your job is done.
    Thats it.
  8. Primaris

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    Setting short term goals is a great thing but I've seen plenty of people people kick this addiction in a few tries. I think that him being 15 years old is actually a benefit because he's not set in his ways. His brain is still developing/changing (his neuroplasticity is more active) at a greater rate than us older lads and can adapt to new changes faster than ours can. I think his goal of kicking it once and for all is a great ambition. No need to undermine it.

    I know what you're saying but I disagree with you. His job is not done after reaching Deathwatch. He's going to get there and stay there.

  9. Newmanatee

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    16 days today and I owe it all to posting here and on my journal regularly. A little bit of accountability, a little bit of daily reflection, it massively helps. I'm getting in the Deathwatch, that's a commitment.
  10. Magnus the Red

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    Did somebody say “deploy a space marine immediately”?
    Because I am here checking in.
  11. Magnus the Red

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    Thank you @Primaris.

    We do are among the Emperor’s finest, along with the other chapters in the thread/legion.
  12. lemi_caution

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  13. RK@24

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    Day 8 checking
    Black Templars.
    The Death Match is really awesome.;)
    It brings out one’s competitive instincts.
  14. I Am Somebody

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  15. Th
    checking in for Blood Angels!

    Thanks @Primaris . Today I had very less urges ,and l feel a lot motivated now. I'm not experiencing bad mental condition or experiencing big things like depression. The thing is that I was just demotivated.

    Also, "@I Am Somebody" don't worry I can go beyond a few days streak, if someone just don't demotivate me.

    I have much bigger goals and I have to achieve them. And that shall happen. I'm not saying this in bad way. I just want to be useful to Humanity. Btw again, thanks to this website and also to you all good fells. Please keep motivating me and I will achieve my aim of controlling myself and become a human of which all humanity will be proud someday.

    #FIGHT :):):):)
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  16. Gonarth

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    Day 13 Deathwatch

    I haven't been here in quite a while.
  17. Primaris

    Primaris Fapstronaut

    Be as ferocious as this loyalist frog today
    (frog voice lines from a 40k game called Dawn of War)

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  18. imandrew

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