Space Marine October - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Primaris, Sep 29, 2020.

Which chapter do you want to be recruited by?

Poll closed Oct 6, 2020.
  1. Space Wolves

  2. Black Templars

  3. Dark Angels

  4. Blood Angels

  1. MixerAwersome

    MixerAwersome Fapstronaut

    I would like to join Black Templars please
    I was waiting for this challenge to open. Really excited.
  2. rockstarpsr

    rockstarpsr Fapstronaut

    I would like to join Space Wolves @Primaris
    Excited to be a part of this challenge.
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  3. I would love to join this challenge @Primaris . Also any team is good but if I have to choose, I would like to be the part of Dark Angels.
  4. Glad to have you on my team once again brother.
  5. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    Checking in! This time I am not letting my team down, the Blood Angels. A fight to the death!
  6. mtrt

    mtrt New Fapstronaut

    I'd like to be recruited by Dark Angels.
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  7. Magnus the Red

    Magnus the Red Fapstronaut

    I was looking for this challenge to start!
    @Renaissance Man @Gonarth let’s show the other chapters how Space Marines truly fight.
    Best luck to the little wolves of Fenris, to the Astartes who can’t afford a true planet (Black Templars) and to the schemers (Dark Angels). I’m sure all of us will do better this month.
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  8. ToMMy.H

    ToMMy.H Fapstronaut

    @Primaris I would like to join again. You can delete me when there is a lot of interest, because I am already in the step 2 deathmatch challenge - not so many people in it so far and also just realized the beasts left are not going to be so easy to beat :D and joining here will be some more additional motivation -> I wouldnt be able to say: "ok you already won the september challenge, it was a good run, now you can reward yourself and start the fapping train again"

    I would like to join @philosopotato the lonely warior from september in team dark angels
  9. The honour is all mine !!
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  10. This time we'll not left you to fight alone :).
  11. MarioVargas

    MarioVargas Fapstronaut

    Hello friend, thanks for this challenge I would like to join the Black Templars team.
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  12. WarriorReborn

    WarriorReborn Fapstronaut

    Ok maybe I shouldn't join, since I PMOed just today
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  13. imandrew

    imandrew Fapstronaut

    Hello, i want to join Dark Angels, please!
  14. PegasusKid

    PegasusKid Fapstronaut

    Hey, I'm interested in joining dark angels. I don't actually know much about warhammer but I feel their description the most.
  15. rewiring4good

    rewiring4good Fapstronaut

    @Primaris Please count me in this challenge.
    Space wolves looks enticing
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  16. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    Hello everyone..
    I am fighter 4 life.
    And i Wanna join "SPACE WOLVES "
    Because I really like the fact that space wolves live in most inhospitable conditions yet that are made so resilient that not only they survive they fight and they win @Primaris please include me in the challenge..
    Won't let you down warriors..
  17. Shadow™輝ツ

    Shadow™輝ツ Fapstronaut

    My Journal
  18. Primaris

    Primaris Fapstronaut

    You're very welcome here man :)
  19. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    Yeah, let's go! Very few people want to be recruited by the Blood Angels. Are they scared? ;)
    @Renaissance Man Let us battle to the end with no letup!

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