Space Marine October - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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Which chapter do you want to be recruited by?

Poll closed Oct 6, 2020.
  1. Space Wolves

  2. Black Templars

  3. Dark Angels

  4. Blood Angels

  1. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    Day 30! Just 1 more day :)
  2. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    Day 29/30! Getting there. Hard day yesterday. Just not creating good boundaries. Stayed up too late watching a tv show.
  3. gegenavenger

    gegenavenger Fapstronaut

    Checking in Day 30 for the Blood Angels. :)

    Just one more day to go everyone. We've nearly made it.
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  4. Checking in for Blood Angels. Finish line is just 12hrs away here...
  5. Boom! Got there, feels like only just but crawling over the line is still getting there.
  6. MixerAwersome

    MixerAwersome Fapstronaut

    I relapsed
    I'm sorry guys,
    My support is with you "Black Templars",
    Win this tournament.
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  7. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    Final Day! It has been really tough to get to this point but the benefits I have gotten this month are really awesome. My skin has cleared up, my sleep quality has improved dramatically, I no longer spend an inordinate amount of time watching YouTube, can concentrate a little better on work and I am not quick to anger as much as I was. There is, of course, the "slight" problem I have of PIED that keeps weighing on my mind but I know this will be a problem of the past with patience. I know that I need to just enjoy each day of the journey.

    I like how we support each other here. It has been very valuable to me in getting to this point.

    I wish everyone success in the next challenge. To my fellow Blood Angel soldiers, let us keep fighting to the death.
  8. imandrew

    imandrew Fapstronaut

    Checking in for Dark Angels. Final day boys!!! Thank you sir for this Challenge, it means a lot to me @Primaris
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  9. Primaris

    Primaris Fapstronaut



    Here we can see @Gonarth , @dandausa , @EndPornLiveLife and @gegenavenger absolutely stomping degenerate tentacle monsters and holding the line against PMO.
    Congratulations to the Blood Angels and all of you who made it through this challenge! You should all feel proud!

    Even though I fell myself it was an honour to see you all succeed and move on to greener pastures in your respective lives. I will personally find the same resilience and strenth this upcoming month and eventually join you there! This post isn't about me though!

    Here are the end results. Feel free to display your accomplishments in your signatures if you want to and/or join the Deathwatch in the upcoming challenge!

    Blood Angels: Gold Cup :emoji_trophy:

    :emoji_medal: @Gonarth
    :emoji_medal: @dandausa
    :emoji_medal: @EndPornLiveLife
    :emoji_medal: @gegenavenger

    Black Templars and Space Wolves: Silver Key :emoji_key2:

    Black Templars:

    :emoji_military_medal: @Moonity
    :emoji_military_medal: @MarioVargas

    Space Wolves:

    :emoji_military_medal: @Robbo-seeking-life
    :emoji_military_medal: @Kingfisher

    Dark Angels: Bronze Key :emoji_key:

    :emoji_military_medal: @imandrew

    With this I will conclude this challenge. You are of course still welcome to stay and comment/chat. You are of course welcome in the November challenge ( where you will be drafted into the Deathwatch to represent the elite the Imperium has to offer (and have something for other participants to look up to).

    Primaris out!
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  10. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    Yay! Glad I didn't relapse yesterday. Was definitely my hardest day of the month emotionally.
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  11. gegenavenger

    gegenavenger Fapstronaut

    Doing the final check in. Day 31 for the Blood Angels.

    I would like to thank everyone who participated here, and specially members of my team Blood Angels. When facing difficult situations, sometimes, strength comes from within, but other times, it comes from the man standing next to you.

    I would be proud to be in deathwatch with you all @Magnus the Red @dandausa @Gonarth @EndPornLiveLife

    And ofcourse in the end, @Primaris you were the soul of this challenge, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  12. MarioVargas

    MarioVargas Fapstronaut

  13. Yahoo! Thanks everyone for your participation, supporting each other, keeping us accountable. Also to Primaris for your wisdom, encouragement and starting this good thang.

    Extra thanks to my team Blood Angels for rocking this challenge together ;) @Magnus the Red @Gonarth @gegenavenger @dandausa
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