Space Marine October - Team Deathmatch (CLOSED)

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Which chapter do you want to be recruited by?

Poll closed Oct 6, 2020.
  1. Space Wolves

  2. Black Templars

  3. Dark Angels

  4. Blood Angels

  1. If you imagine something that never happened and you watch porn that actually happened, then there it is - the difference that porn happened and you fantasies didn't and at least for me, this is a big difference. Imagination as I understand it, is like a blueprint for our goal and corresponding porn, if you can find it, is a goal, closest to that blueprint, that is achievable with least price paid.
  2. Primaris

    Primaris Fapstronaut

    Having these fantasies is part of the recovery process for any addict who's struggling with any kind of addiction. You've got to remember that the neural pathways in your brain function a bit like streams, rivers and currents for neural transmissions and these neural transmissions are electrical pulses in nature. Electricity will always choose the path of least resistance and since you have been, over the years, widening and stengthening these neural pathways (electrical currents) then the most natural way for these neural streams to flow throughout your brain are the ones that trigger thoughts of PMO. You will inevitably experience these "flashes" of porn for a while before your brain notices that you're not taking these pathways in your brain anymore. At this point the brain will start to create new pathways, albeit slowly, which can be a difficult process as it feels it is being robbed of such a delightful and easy source of endorphines and dopamines. It's like "Hey bro wtf are you doing the cake is over there..." while you want to go in the other direction. This creates some inner cognitive dissonance for your brain which can lead to all sorts of abstinence symptoms (like shaking or twitching... you might even get sick) and the brain might want to drag you kicking and screaming back to your old habits. Just know that you and your brain are not allies at the moment. Your brain is essentially a useful servant but a bad master.
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  3. Primaris

    Primaris Fapstronaut

    I feel like the some of you might be wavering a bit at this point. The first casualties have already been dealt in this challenge but I want to see no more of that today or tomorrow. You guys are Space Marines this month whether you like it or not (of course you like it :rolleyes:). About time you start acting like it.

  4. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    Day 3 done. 10% of the way there.
  5. | The Monk |

    | The Monk | Fapstronaut

  6. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    I m female lol
  7. Welcome to the team!
  8. Primaris

    Primaris Fapstronaut

    Sorry manette (!?). I've added you now.
  9. Primaris

    Primaris Fapstronaut

    Feeling proud of myself today. I said no to a hook-up with a girl who I know I'm not interested in anything else except getting laid with. I don't see any harm in hook-ups but right now I'm in a stage with my NoFap journey that is volatile and uncertain. I don't want to risk the momentum that I've built up.
  10. check in
    together we will smash PMO on it's face
    Keep going Space Wolves
  11. Moonity

    Moonity Fapstronaut

    Hey! I'd like to join the Black Templars, please
  12. Candeeiro

    Candeeiro Fapstronaut

    LET'S GOOO BLOOD angels ❤️
  13. Nice job standing up for what you're doing and what's best for you mate.

    Checking in for Black Templars :D
  14. Suki

    Suki Fapstronaut

    04/10 ✅ Stay strong Dark Angels!
  15. kingkhan21

    kingkhan21 Fapstronaut

    Hey! I would like to join Dark Angels! Count me in if there’s an empty spot.
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  16. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

  17. Blaze21

    Blaze21 Fapstronaut

    Checking in! 4 days!! Let's go Black Templars!
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  18. Day 5, Space Wolves checking in...

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