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  1. From today 23.03.2020 I start at least 3x per week intensive workout regime . With a every week PROGRESSION .

    If somebody wants to keep me company , rules are simple .
    1) Workout at least 3 times a week, more are encouraged if your body doesn't need that rest .
    2) Work hard, intensively. At least 30 minutes in a workout, but not more than 1 hour and 15 minutes .
    3) Progress every week . Heavier weight, or more reps. But progress is a must .

    One more thing, the more important, we don't train to look good. We workout with the mentality to kill, if we are unfortunate to be in a bad situation .

    That is mine response to the isolation situation . Be ready for war .
    Personally, will check after every session of mine . Monday, Wednesday and Friday . Open for discussion on health, fitness and mental strength ,

    Empty words are never encouraged . Work hard, but work smart .
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  2. Flirted with these bad babes at day 1 , at the gate . For an hour we been dating. Showed combo is 6 kg each but i i went lower and higher on different exercises . Did prison style push ups in respect to the quarantine .

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  3. Today was about shoulders, chest , biceps, triceps and those prison thing worked abs and the quads.
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  4. This week workout playlist is :
    Disturbed- I am alive
    Naruto theme- The Raising Fighting Spirit
    Dusty Reel- Easy come Easy go
    King Von - War with us
    Chief Keef- Faneto
    Onlap- The awakening
    Lil Durk- Ready for em
    Blues Saraceno- Dogs of War
    Lil Marc- No competition (without cut scene )
    Dr. Eric Thomas- I work Hard
    SD- Can't Stop(no dj )
  5. @Toni7 you are challenged . Lock in and be obsessed.
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  6. Toni7

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  7. Accepted
  8. Chest
    Wearing 24/7 a weighted belt(7 kg by now)
    Of course the exercises were done wearing the belt
    Challenge accepted as I said @WolfHound 獣
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  9. @Old Friend You may have noticed. Once you did activity in this thread …

  10. Legs .

    Had my babies with me . Named them . DUMB and BELLA, cause I go dummy with them and it is crazy beautiful to do so .
    Did 15 squats x 3 + 12 kg
    15 Bulgarian splits x 3 +12 kg
    15 Calf raises x 3 + 12 kg
    10 Steps jumps x 3 + 12 kg

    5 pistol squats each leg x 3 (no weight)
    Prison push ups as much as I can (that is one push up, than from a plank position knees to chest first right, then left, then 2 pushups, knees and again 1, repeated till I cannot more . )
    Jumping jacks a minute and 40 sec (intended 5, but calves became stiff, maybe I work hard, but ain't looking for no injuries )
    Stretching .

    That is 54 minutes, without the stretch and warm up . (warm-up was really short, nothing intensely )

    Everybody coming here must be challenge, ain't no sneakers in our military camp !
  11. Day 2
    Squat(15*4 with the belt+10*3 with additional weight)
    Push ups(60 with the belt)
    Crunches(100 with belt)
    Triceps(20*4, I don't really know how they're called)
    Cardio around the house
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  12. If you have a skipping rope. It is the real thing.
    Jumping jacks are good.
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    I don't really remember my routine yesterday because i mixed and matched some stuff due to boredom.

    But will definitely record it today

    @WolfHound 獣 I exercise around 1300 to 1400.
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  14. That's great, I support that . + It speaks volume to ones character who accepts a challenge like you (you actually do work before your first word here, appreciated . )

    To all, rules up there are not IMPERATIVE, they are RECOMMENDED dispositive due to my understanding of what is beneficial, from my experience .

    As for the part of.. Men don't train for looks, that is a IMPERATIVE, looks are secondary . If women participate, looks training is allowed if accompanied with the desire for a strong body . ''Only spartan women give birth to real men'' and that is due to wrestling, running and competing with men .
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  15. Crazy abs today
    how much?
    Well Muhammad Ali that he didn't count,only when it hurts because that's when it counts.
    And it hurted a lot.
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    Hi, i've been doing exercise 5 times a week for 3 months now and because it's already a habit, my isolation in home become so much easier cause i got thing to do.I tend to increase my set after 3 week and it boost my confidence (look) but more importantly improve my mood and reduce my depression.
    I wish to see more post about exercising keep up the goodwork mate.
  17. We been doing this for long too.
    You are invite to share with us your wisdom . It makes me crazy happy you already work , why don't you level up ?

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