Sperm loss in urine

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    I've been having sexual dreams and fortunately I was able to avoid Oing, but still I notice sperm loss afterwards when I go to the bathroom, even hours later. I'd like to know if anyone has any tips on how to avoid this?
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    I don't really now how to avoid this, maybe (during PMO) it is just natural. Btw is not a big deal, your progress in NoFap will still be the same as if this accident had not ever happened.
    If this happen frequently to you, consider visiting a doctor (only if you are worried).

    If you noticed some errors in my grammar that's because I am Italian.
    Have a great day!
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    That's natural male biology and rejuvenation - sperm (or even semen) loss in urine, wet dreams, natural breakdown of old sperm/reabsorbing in body. It's not something to avoid or something you can avoid. It doesn't affect the benefits of semen retention either, as none of these produce a full emptying of the testicles, like repeated MO. New sperm are constantly replacing old in the millions daily.
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  4. There is a problem called dhat syndrome
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    It's a natural thing.
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    Night time arousal kind be mitigated to some degree by managing your thoughts and what you're around during the day. Of course our subconscious will sometimes do what it wants, but avoiding day time triggers seems to help a bit.
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