Spices and semen retention

Discussion in 'NoFap Nutrition and Supplements' started by Bantee, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Bantee

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    I read in on quite a few pages that people say to avoid eating to many spices whilst doing SR? just wondering why this may be and what issues it may cause.
  2. Well in my opinion it's a bit of bro-science and classic to-dos handed down from one generation to another.
    (Of course eating too many spices screws with your digestion and limiting them is better.)
  3. All For One

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    Spicy foods have been linked to stronger urges. In fact, even modern medicine is well informed of the properties of spicy foods to boost libido in (most) older people. It's basically inviting urges during SR, so that's the link that's being made in this instance. Definitely not bro-science, rest assured.

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