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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Oopsdiditagain, Apr 24, 2019.

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    I am not addicted to porn but to masturbation, I don't need a video to ejaculate, just me and my thoughts about anyone hot, like my professor, that girl who comes in the gym with a sports bra.

    Maybe masturbation isn't that bad for a sports person because it turns you momentarily but after it comes the guilt which brings low self-esteem and it's just not that I think something happens to my brain like I get really frustrated , I am able to abstain myself from it for a couple of days but then it only gets better after that, the peak of masturbation comes when I am under stress, exams, I didn't play good enough for the college team.

    And I hate it but it excites me really bad.
    I can't go out in public everytime I am turned on, cuz that would be staying out for most of the night.

    Does anybody have a solution?
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    I feel you! I have been able to get of P but I have had much harder time not masturbating. If you have a pretty good imagination and memories you don't need it to give yourself that high feeling. I think the biggest thing I do is reminding myself that what I what to imagine is not real life, but a fantasy, and and Im setting for something less than. You are taking something meant to be done in context of a real realitionship and faking it out, like VR in your mind. Learn your triggers and how to say no to them. Still figuring this out myself but I think when the battle is in the mind it will take a lot longer and require much more will power to improve.
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    I think you need to make a LIST OF OPTIONS to choose from when you are tempted.
    (Example: go outside, walk the dog, dance to your favorite music with the music turned up; call or go visit
    a friend, go do your favorite hobby; go to the store and buy yourself a Treat or Reward for working your program; go to and make a post...……"like" or give others advice; go 'shopping' at the mall [for women], do secret acts of kindess, go have a Heineken ... or Root beer is good too …….etc.)

    YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How often do you masturbate?

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