Spring 2018 General Conference

Fight the Good Fight

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    wow. What a weekend! I hope everybody got a chance to watch or listen to the sessions of General Conference. What were your favorite talks?

    An impression I got as the change from Home/Visiting Teaching to Ministering was discussed, was that this is meant to change our attitude and extend our efforts beyond our assignments and even beyond our ward boundaries. I honestly think that helping and encouraging one another on this forum counts as part of that!
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    My Journal
    Oh, it DEFINITELY does count as ministering, this time on NoFap.

    Let's not forget that there will be assignments made for ministering. We will all have occasional interviews to relay our efforts and successes and needs of Lord's people. This is an exciting juncture in the latter days! Let's continue to be committed and seek a personal witness of the inspired and beneficial nature of this new program so that we can dedicate our best in service of others.

    We of course can help love others in the extra mile and have more friends besides our assignments. As we continue recovery, we will all have a unique ability to lift where we stand. So many populate the masses fallen prey to the plague of pornography -- there is massive need for saints that witness of Christ and point toward true healing power.

    On the general topic of Conference, the single most powerful impression as we raised a sustaining vote so many times -- this is literally church of Jesus Christ in these latter days. While we yet endure and prepare for the second coming, we have a refuge from the storm. We have amazing promises. We have gifted leaders to help us, and I know I need help and benefit greatly from guidance and counsel of the Brethren.
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