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  1. Wuzzaap

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    I have been struggeling with anxiety for some time now . My anxiety was raised due to a social situation that went horribly wrong .

    Anyways , I started nofap to cure my social anxiety but after a while i decided that their is nothing wrong with trying medication since I already am taking an antidepressant for depression .

    I searched and searched and searched and decided to try prozac . I heard a lot about it .

    I am on my third day and I am feeling more anxious .

    Can anybody relate to this when he started taking ssri’s . I read somewhere that it fades and does the opposite overtime . Should i continue or does that mean am using the wrong medication
  2. safa61947

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    Don't tell me you're taking brain medication on your own. Stop that, man. It's unhealthy.

    It's already bad when a doctor prescribes it to you. As you said, a social situation triggered your anxiety, there are more healthy ways to deal with it. PM me for information.
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  3. Daedaleus

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    Certain types of antidepressants can react adversely and cause your symptoms to be much worse. I know because I tried prozac and it made my symptoms a thousand times worse. Also, as it is kind of vague in your original post, please be sure to take these medications under the supervision of a health care professional, psychiatrist preferably. I just recently came off my antidepressants, welbutrin, after having been on them for the last 3 years.

    Also, while medications do help, therapy is a great way to work through your issues and get you healthy enough so that you no longer have to depend on medication for your well being. I hope this helps.
  4. Wuzzaap

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    Naah i take it via a doctors perception but i like to research to know exactly what am takin
  5. DGZ

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    I lost two years of my life to antidepressants. It made me careless with university while I was on it, and it took me almost a year to recover from the withdrawal effects. A small minority of people get absolutely fucked up by antidepressants, and there's no way to know which group you belong to. More here:
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  6. LTLThrowaway93

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    I'm currently on Cymbalta.

    Best advice is it takes a few weeks to a month to really kick in. Let it take a while to do it's job.

    Personally, I still have social anxiety while on medication, but I feel more capable of taking it on.
  7. fedmom

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    SSRIs apparently make you more anxious to begin with. You might want to try increasing your serotonin levels with 5-htp tablets and also swear words.

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