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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Pentatonic, Jun 17, 2021.

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    so who here speak klingons?
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    Off-topic, but...

    Agreed, I too saw nothing wrong with the discussion and am very confused as to why it was removed and annoyed that it was. I liked reading it.

    It has to do with everything. Knowing that whatever we say can be taken down for whatever reason(s) that are not listed in the Forum Posting Rules section is a surefire way to alienate your userbase. NoFap's own rules promise that they will not take action against those criticizing no porn and masturbation, but presumably, a moderator that disagrees with what someone says can just take it down? If that's the case, then it contradicts the following in said forum rules:

    "We are not trying to create some sort of George Orwell inspired dystopia. If you feel that moving to another forum would be more beneficial for you, by all means go ahead. But it has been proven that we cannot always expect people to behave maturely here. As a result, we balance the benefits of free speech with reasonable regulations."

    Which is fair, except the conversation that was removed here wasn't an immature one.
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    Agreed. They're better than I remember them being. I'm currently starting episode 6 and I've yet to watch an episode I didn't like.
  4. Pentatonic

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    I'm sorry, with who and O'Brian? :emoji_joy:
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    The mods are quite heavy handed here, almost turning into a reddit, that's the reason this website and forum section is not as full as it could. We had an interesting discussion, no worries.
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  6. meant to say Worf. Lol sorry brother
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    I speak Dominionese.
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  8. AtomicTango

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    I find it amazing how few episodes of DS9 I actively dislike. Even the "bad" episodes are just mediocre.
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  9. AtomicTango

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    Just watched Afterimage. Enjoyed it. Why do people not like Ezri again? I thought she was fine.
  10. Honestly I can’t get into it. I do love a few Quark episodes though, especially when he was a pimp for a day. lol
  11. Pentatonic

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    Couple more thoughts on some DS9 episodes. I finished The Passenger last night and I had no issue with the episode (not many thoughts on it in general, actually, thought it was a fine episode, but nothing worth discussing) until Dr. Bashir gets possessed by Rao Vantika and Rao is in full control of his body. Siddig cannot play a bad guy. He was overenuciating every word. So annoying. How this wasn't noticed by the crew is baffling.

    I wonder if Battle Lines was inspired out of some interpretation of hell. Having to die over and over again, unable to leave of your own will must be the worst kind of suffering imaginable.
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  13. AtomicTango

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    Taking a short break from DS9 to watch Inside Number Nine's latest season, so haven't been posting as much. I've been watching random Voyager clips on YouTube though and there are so many parts of it I barely remember. Looking forward to rewatching it sometime in the winter I imagine.
  14. Pentatonic

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    After having watched most of Season 2 of DS9, it's in my opinion that Season 2 is of a lower quality compared to Season 1.
  15. AtomicTango

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    Really? I consider a lot of the episodes in that season to be very good. Episodes like Cardassians, Necessary Evil, Sanctuary, Armageddon Game, Whispers, Paradise, The Wire, Crossover, The Collaborator, Tribunal, and The Jem'Hadar I all think are great.
  16. Vanquisher12

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    Finally I've had a moment to add some discussion to this thread. I love Star Trek (and Star Wars too, but that's not why I'm on this thread). I'll start by revealing the order in which I rank the series:
    My favourite series is definitely DS9, because all of the characters have their good moments and the dark Dominion War story arc really stands out in this series.

    Second I would say Enterprise - I've been rewatching it recently and seeing the transition from more 'ordinary' humans to the more disciplined, ethical and moral officers of the Federation is great, plus the Xindi arc, the Temporal Cold War and the Mirror Universe double episode all add some suspense and exciting new material.

    Third would be Voyager - seeing all the new Delta Quadrant species (in particular Species 8472 - Star Trek Tyranids!), plus a mega conflict with the Borg and good characters like Neelix and the Doctor make this series enjoyable.

    Fourth would be TNG. Though Patrick Stewart is excellent as Captain Picard and we get Q scenes aplenty, Wesley's know-it-all nerdiness and his mother's emotional crises ruin a lot of the series for me. Just like, in Star Wars, Ahsoka ruins a lot of the Clone Wars series for me and is putting me off watching the Mandalorian. They are pretty much the same character, so bloody annoying...

    The Original Series is at the bottom of the rankings for the ones I've seen, because though it has some standout episodes ("Arena", "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "Mirror, Mirror" spring to mind), a lot of them are forgettable.

    Discovery I never want to watch because it looks awful and they apparently killed off who promised to be a great captain (Jason Isaacs) in the first few episodes, replacing him with the far inferior Michelle Yeoh.

    Picard I do want to see because of course it continues Captain Picard's story, though I'm concerned at the fan objection to it. I'll still give it a viewing, but with trepidation.
  17. AtomicTango

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    DS9 is my favourite as well. I have to admit I've noticed some issues with it upon my recent rewatch but it's still most likely the best. Probably my favourite show of all time actually.

    I do really like ENT. Think it's massively underrated by people who were just burnt out on Trek by the time it aired. I wouldn't rank it this high though.

    I remember being 50/50 on Voyager. When it was good it was great, when it was bad it was crushingly awful. Need to rewatch after I finish DS9.

    This is surprising. TNG is the second best for me. Wesley isnt actually in as much of the show as it sometimes seems though - he actually vanishes for long periods of it. Dr Crusher is probably the worst doctor though, I'll give you that one.

    It's heresy to say this, but agreed. The famously good episodes are great but there are so many that are bland and an absolute slog to watch.

    Both shows are terrible, and I feel go completely against what Trek is supposed to be about. DS9 delves into darker stuff that challenges the ethos of Trek, but Discovery and Picard are just different shows that use a Trek skin for brand recognition.
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  18. AtomicTango

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    Back to watching DS9. Just watched Take me out to the Holosuite and really enjoyed it. The kind of episode I cannot imagine working in any of the other series, although maybe that's just my inherent DS9 bias.

    A question for the floor. What are your all time favourite and least favourite episodes? Can be from any series in any amount. I'll post my answers later.
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  19. gsherman100

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    Favorites: Bink of an Eye, Voyager.
    In the Pale Moonlight, DS9
    Yesterday's Enterprise, TNG

    I have a bunch more but ill just keep it there.

    Worse: Sub Rosa (beyond embarrassing. Total meme of an episode), TNG
    Can't remember the name of the DS9 episode but the one where Bashir and O'Brian get stuck on a planet with some storm thing. Totally worthless episode.
    Move along home. Another worthless episode.
    Pretty much any episode that involved the Kazon in Voyager. The Kazon just annoyed me and I was quite glad to be done with them when they finally moved on from Kazon space. Only good part I liked that concerned the Kazon was when Brad Douriff (the guy who played Sudor) sieges engineering and massacres like 15 Kazon. Thats about it.

    There is many other's but ill end it there.
  20. Pentatonic

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    Season 2 is still a good season compared to other Star Trek shows, but I noticed I found myself skipping more episodes than I did in Season 1.

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