Star Trek talk anyone?

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  1. COMPLETELY agree with this.

    EDIT: I liked pretty much every character except Bashir, every version of Dax minus Curzon, Leeta, and Kieko. Jake and Sisko's wife, while I understand why they were there, I didn't like them much either.

    Those characters could've used a lot of work.
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  2. For those that have watched the shows, what were your opinions of them? For me, I've watched most except The Original Series and Discovery.

    Original Series, I just don't like Kirk and Discovery... I refuse to watch.
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    EDIT: I liked pretty much every character except Bashir, every version of Dax minus Curzon, Leeta, and Kieko. Jake and Sisko's wife, while I understand why they were there, I didn't like them much either.

    Those characters could've used a lot of work.

    I liked Bashir's storyline when Starfleet found out he was genetically engineered and started treating him differently. As someone with autism it felt personal. Jake's character was disappointing, the alpha quadrant is invaded literally by a whole other quadrant and he helps by becoming a fucking reporter!?
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  4. ^^^

    For the sake of those who haven't watched the show, you can put the spoiler in a spoiler tag.

    It wasn't Bashir's storyline that bothered me, it was the guy himself. Just came off as a little weasel. He had his moments, but if I were ever in that universe, I wouldn't respect the guy. And yes, I agree with the stuff about Jake. What he chose as a career and as a way to "help" was retarded.
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    You're forgetting the greatest character of all, though...


    If you're looking for deep and well-written, look no further. :)
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    I'd pay a considerable sum for the opportunity to get shitfaced with Morn in Quark's bar, as long as Quark himself was there to pour the drinks.
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    I've watched all the treks aside from TAS and most of Discovery. At this point I feel I'm filing ST away as a memory of my history. DS9 holds the title of being the Trek series I got into during my teens so I'll call it my favourite. The show certainly has some seemingly interesting characters at those times.
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  8. meanbean70

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    What do we think of Star Trek: Discovery?
  9. SanSolo

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    Random ST babble:

    I'm old enough to have seen TOS when it was new.

    How about some love for the original pilot, "The Cage"? Jeff Hunter as Captain Pike. Majel Barret (Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi) was the 1st officer. Spock is the only character who carries over to the series. And who can forget Susan Oliver! Hot enough to melt the glass right out of the front of your TV! In my arrogant opinion, best episode ever! All series combined.

    Some favorite TOS episodes: Where No Man has Gone Before.(with Sally Kellerman.) Balance of Terror ("In another reality I could have called you friend".) City on the Edge of Forever (Generally acknowledged as the favorite episode of the series cast members. Product of the genius of Harlan Ellison.) Mirror, Mirror. The Doomsday Machine. Plato's Stepchildren (Barbara Babcock, so lovely, so malevolent.) Whom Gods Destroy ("SILENCE! The mindless chatter of inferior weaklings INFURIATES ME!")

    Special mention for the episode "Assignment Earth". This was made with the intention that it would be the pilot episode of a spin-off show featuring the adventures of the main characters Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. Obviously it never got picked up. Miss Lincoln was played by a then unknown Teri Garr. I read where after she became famous Ms. Garr made it a precondition of any interview that she NOT be asked about her role in this ST episode. I have never seen any explanation of why she was sensitive about it.
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  10. Loved TNG, DS9. Ok with Voyager, gave up watching Enterprise and love Discovery.

    Did anyone get to go the the Star Trek experience in Vegas? Just amazing when you get beamed up to the Enterprise D. And when finally arriving at DS9, getting to enjoy a meal at Quarks. Happy happy memories.
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    The series were all good. TOS for it's cheesy goodness, TNG and DS9 for what they brought to the franchise, Voyager was good. I don't have the animosity toward it and especially Janeway that some fans have. As many problems as there were with the series it still held its own. was a good attempt seeing as this was before Earth was a serious power, there were unknown threats around every asteroid, etc. I would have liked to have seen one more season considering the ideas that they had (T'Pol's father, possibility of Guinan making an appearance, other interesting things that I don't recall at this moment). I'll admit I liked the redo of the opening sequence for the Mirror Universe episodes.

    I have not seen Discovery. If it becomes available on something other than All Access then I'll consider it. The biggest issue I have with it are the fans themselves who can't bring themselves to accept a prequel series that features a ship that looks and is more advanced than the TOS Enterprise. Seriously guys? You really think that Roddenberry would have wanted a future series to be constrained to the boundaries of a half century old tv show?

    My view on the newest movies is that the first one was good for rebooting the franchise in a way to bring it up to date and for getting new fans. To this day though I still take issue with certain choices involving certain planets. At least it gave the Star Trek Online crew something interesting to do with Sela (attempted power grab, having to go into hiding, being forced to not only work with her enemies but to come to terms with her own heritage.) The second movie does not make my list of favorites. I thought the third one was pretty good (except for one small but significant change I would have made for the ending) and personally hope that the alien girl will fill Chekov's seat on the Enterprise in the next movie.

    Aw hell yeah. My grandfather took me to Vegas for a vacation. It was great. The recreation of the Enterprise D bridge was cool, the shuttle ride was wild...and I got followed by security because I was too close to the casino without an adult. My grandfather was on a bench waiting for me. When she told him that I couldn't be there, he took it in stride by talking about the ride, saying I had just been on it, asked if the guard had been on it, etc. I hadn't recently been on the ride but we were in the area so yeah.

    Afterwards my grandfather told me that I looked like a drunk the way I was walking. Apparently walking in a straight line was not my strong suit. Fun times.
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    Voyager had it's moments. Seven of Nine being the first that comes to mind. Janeway was a good captain but made decisions based on morality or emotion, which sometimes led to questionable choices.

    Would anyone recommend Enterprise? Is it worth watching despite only being 4 seasons long?
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  13. TwelveFoot

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    I like TNG the best. TOS is second; Kirk is great, but it seems like the plots got a little stale and the effects are old. DS9 can be a little too diplomatic and political at times so it's third. Never really watched any others.
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    My uncle is a Star Trek geek. He was also born with that alcohol fetus syndrome and became a prolific beer drinker. To the point of being an alcoholic. They will never quit. Him and his wife are the kind of prolific beer drinkers who drink can upon can till the end without consequences. Yes they drink cans daily, many of them.

    I mean I guess what I am saying is intelligence is not required to be a Star Trek geek even though many think you must be a nerd which entails being smart?

  15. In other words, hell no. The first two seasons were just stupid. Then it picked up quite a bit in the third season, fell off slightly in the fourth season, and the ending was a giant crash to rock bottom. You're better off avoiding it, unless you'd like just something to watch.

    Hell, even most of the characters weren't that well written and/or acted.

    As for Voyager, the worst part about that show was probably its lack of continuity. Nearly every episode was just filler. I still put it on fairly often, but mostly as background noise.
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  16. TNG, I do really like Picard, but when that show is bad, yeesh, it's bad. But when it's good, damn, it's good. A lot of the characters felt really stale to me, though. And I hate Wesley.

    DS9 is my personal favorite. Story, characters, everything, loved it all. I've a couple of problems with the show here and there, but it's still my preferred Star Trek show.

    Voyager seemed to have a lot of potential, but I don't think the writers knew what to do with the actual story and I have problems with a lot of the characters. B'elanna, who was ashamed of her Klingon heritage. Tom Paris who was way too smart and a giant asshole. Harry Kim who should've been promoted, not Paris. Paris should've been a crewman.

    Chakotay is a massive stereotype. And Janeway is a little too illogical to be a captain. And of course, there's the Doctor who, while arguably being one of the better parts of the show, the whole "holographic rights" nonsense just felt like the writers trying to create their own "The Measure of a Man" issue (which was a great episode).
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  17. You guys I'm 4 eps into DS9 and it's pretty tyght!
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  18. KS1994

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    If you think that's good, season 3-plus will blow your mind!
  19. You don't like Capt. Kirk? o_O That is an extraordinary view to have for someone that declares as a fan of Star Trek. :eek:

    Evidently, you haven't watched TOS, so I am wondering why or even how it is you do not like Kirk. Is it Kirk, the way he is written you dislike or is it WS as an actor that put you off? On the latter point, he can make even me cringe at times! :rolleyes:

    Notwithstanding, I have a warm affection for TOS. <3 When I watched, what would have been the repeats (on b/w TV) in the seventies I loved the characters. Of them all, the one that jarred a bit was "bones". But in later years, that changed. I found him the most plausible character in the prequels as well, lol.

    I quite liked TNG, apart from Warf. o_O But I just could not connect with DS9. I think one of the reasons for this was that my favourite parts of the TOS and Gene's vision was planetary exploration. The idea of a programme being based on a space station seemed rather pointless. But I could not buy into the characters and just could not abide Quark! Grrrrr :mad: I cannot imagine anyone wanting to do a prequel of DS9. I mean does anyone care enough about that group?

    The first of the new films was very good IMO. Thereafter, it has gone downhill at great speed. It seems to me that the valuable parts of Star Trek are sacrificed on the altar of special effects. Of course, science fiction requires special effects, but things like Kirk and Khan hurtling across space towards a tiny door in a nearby ship's hull is more than I can bear! :(
  20. I have watched TOS, but not all of it, just some episodes. It's just the way he's written I dislike. Makes it hard to take him seriously.

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