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    Well, here I am again. I would like to begin by stating my personal reasons for quitting pmo forever.
    I know I will be most likely be getting married within the next few years. I want to have a real relationship with a real woman who loves me back. I feel like my pornography use has stemmed from the excuse of "loneliness" recently. (I am living away from friends for a few months but will return to college in the fall.) I realize that is no excuse for me, however. I'm stronger than that. I'm better than that. If anything, my time away from friends will enhance my dating life in the future because I'll be more grateful for the relationships I build.
    I want my wife to trust me. I don't want her to feel any underlying sense of distrust because of the mistakes I've made in the past. I want to trust her, and I want her to trust me. That is why I'm quitting. I also want to see women in a more wholistic and beautiful perspective; they deserve better than what pornography offers them.
    I am going to be a real person who enjoys real life and revels in every real moment that actually means something.
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