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    I'm realizing a daily thread post is VITAL for the completion of the reboot. I got off work early today and had way to much free time and already had temptations coming to my mind. I knew I had to act fast, and went to a local rock wall I hadn't been to in while ASAP. WhIle there they have a nice nature trail, and I walked for around 2 hours. By the time I got done I felt relax and calm with no thoughts of PMO and thinking of what to cook for dinner. I believe this is a great community, and if you share and receive daily this will help you overcome. I have already reminded myself that I'm neither above or below this and that I must remain humble.
    Stay strong
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    Journaling is a great therapeutic tool to help you along your journey. Under reboot logs you can create a thread in the folder appropriate to your age group. You can title your thread whatever you like and provide as many updates as you like. Others in your age group will be able to read it and be able to comment or offer advice. It's great to see that you have already found ways to fight back against your addiction. I wish you success on your journey.
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