Started getting hard.

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    I am currently on nofap. I got boner for no reason. Without sexual thoughts or fantasy i got boner. And i can't stop this. Mainly, at night i got huge boner.
    Is it vulnerable for my streak?
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    I read a sucess story of a guy who "tested" himself when he started getting boners to see if he was already healed and got rid of PIED.

    He recomended to do othewise and said that maybe sex should be done when you are having 4-7 days a week with natural boners.

    But it is based on a guys experience I read in here:

    Full recovery in 200 days! | NoFap®
  3. Get used to it. The longer you don't ejaculate I think you will find your member has a mind of it's own, night time is the worse though when trying to sleep with a boner. I try not to sleep on my tummy because the friction between your bed and underwear will ultimately keep you hard. I side sleep now, (sleep on my side) with a pillow between my legs to not crush my balls. It works most times but isn't full proof
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