Started getting sexual thoughts about my step sister *Possibly triggering text !*

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Iamnew1234567, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Iamnew1234567

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    So im on a 27 day streak and think this might currently not work out. 27 days got me so horny that when my step sister walked around the house in a thong, i ran to the bathroom and was about to relapse. I ended up resisting though and chose to post my problem here instead. What should i do. I keep getting more and more turned on by her and i dont know if i should feel horrible about it. I see her everyday and cant even talk to her anymore. she keeps walking around the house half naked and im thinking about waiting with nofap until i dont have her as a constant distraction anymore, when one of us move away. But that could still be many years. I feel like i shouldnt continue because it kinda feels weird that im so desperate that im thinking of banging my step sister. Should i tell her about my problem (man that would be one awkward conversation). Or should i just wait some years with nofap? (im scared that if i dont stop i might keep being turned on by her after reaching my goal)

    And please note that it wouldnt be incest to fuck her since she is my step sister, meaning there is no blood relation, my mom aint even married to her dad. And i am not a troll haha
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  2. athlean

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    it's your step sister..
    bang her if she's hot
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  3. Man stop fantasising about step sister. It's not porn it's real life. Things could get pretty weird.
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  4. Infrasapiens

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    If it makes you feel better, at least she is your half-sister. There have been people here who's minds were so messed up they fantasized about other, more close members of their families.

    Maybe if you wait long enough, the thoughts will fade away. If I lived alone with an attractive woman who walked around naked but I couldn't touch, I would get used to it and the thill would fade quickly.
  5. Infrasapiens

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    Why everyone says that when things like this happen?
  6. XD I gusess its legal in Alabama to bang your relativea or something. Might be wrong, idk
  7. Get_It

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    Not sure if this is a real story or just a troll trying to trigger.
  8. Pretty sure A troll
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  9. Camelon

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    Im shocked not by ur story
    But people reactions & comments
    Hell, incest now is a joke.....
  10. Is she even your step sister? You say your mom and her dad aren’t even married. If that’s the case, then she’s just a girl living in your house because one of her parents is living with one of your parents and you all are forced to live together. Now that doesn’t mean to do anything sexual with her because of potential fall out and how her side of the story would be believed 99.9% of the time regardless of truth.

    If it’s a problem, say something about it. She could be doing it on purpose if she knows you are trying to abstain, caught you masturbating or watching porn in the past, and so on. Still not sure if this is totally real though...sounds too much like a movie scene to me, but people do live screwed up lives these days.
  11. Protagonist

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    Did she wander about the house like that previously too or is this trend relatively new?

    If you think that it is that much of a problem then simple go and tell her to atleast wear shorts or something.
  12. I always heard that incest was more of a West Virginia thing...

    Anyways, to the OP. You got 2 options. You can enjoy the view of a pretty half naked woman, while controlling yourself. Or if you cant control yourself, ask her to please wear more clothes because you feels its inappropriate behavior, and it makes you uncomfortable.
  13. hexapod

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    This story looks like a troll to me..
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  14. Demodectic

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    I think your first step should be to tell her to put on more clothes and tell her you are doing NoFap and that it is bothering you. With Billions of females in the world I would skip the opportunity to bang your step-sister. It will create a big scandal and it may break up your step-parents so be noble enough not to create so much potential disharmony just for a 1 time nut

    I think this is a troll. First time post and just joined. Its a shame we have jerks like this coming into the forum when guys are trying to overcome an addiction and dont need extra temptations
  15. Get_It

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    She sounds like a good Catholic girl.
  16. Sounds just like a scenario in a porn video and I believe maybe that is indeed one of the problems here. In pornography,there is common scenario where this girl tries to have sex with a man, and he says no it's wrong, you're my sister, and she just says, no I'm you step-sis, and that makes everything okay. I don't know about telling your step-sis about all of your problems but I would ask her to put some more clothes on.
  17. You know, it could very well be a troll.
    Darn...okay, Mr. Troll, still, don't have sex with your step-sis if that is the sort of problem you're facing.
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  18. Funkypunky

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    Who walks in their house wearing a thong while other family members are there ? This sounds like a troll
  19. There is nothing wrong with having sexual thoughts about her. You are not even related. I wouldn't confess anything. It will probably make you look bad.
    Is she attracted to you too? Light flirting and paying close attention to her facial expressions and body language can help you. Not masturbating helps too. If she doesn't move towards you or flirt, it is better that you just leave her alone and say nothing.
    If she is not interested in you, then she is off limits for that reason, not because your respective parents have a relationship.

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