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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Tomfer, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Tomfer

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    Hello everyone,

    I'll try to keep it short, i've recently started rebooting and have some questions.

    Little background: i'm 28 years old, started developing a porn addiction aroung the age of 15. I watched every single day at least once for all those years. This was paired with a lot of anxiety and depression. A month ago I decided to turn my life around (finally) and quit porn and mastrubating. Second step was to lose my virginity, so after 2 weeks of not using porn and nofap i went to a prostitute, thinking it would fix my problems. As you can guess, it did not. It was impossible for me to get an erection, i was puzzled by this, and not only this, but also how little effect a naked woman had on me. I turned to the internet for answers, and found out about P.I.E.D. . I watched a couple of videos on the matter and are now more determined to fix this than ever before.

    Here's the thing though, a month ago, i met 2 beautiful girls that are really into me. Into me up to a point where we want to hook up. I've told them everything, from addiction to P.I.E.D. . They are very supportive and are patiently waiting for me to fix this. I want to do hard mode for atleast a month, no POM. I'm currently at 3 weeks no porn and 1 week no mastrubating. Would it be a smart move to hookup with these girls after 1 month, knowing it could still fail. Would this have negative effects on my rebooting, should i wait longer. I 'm only 3 and 1 weeks in and are already seeing difference. They know everything, wich gives me a lot of comfort. As you can guess i'm very eagerly and impatiently waiting.

    Thoughts please,
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  2. Candun

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    Its hard to say you should or should not. Do it whenever you feel comfortable and ready is all I can say.
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    Honestly you're in a unique situation. They know all about your issue. I have no had that luxury when recovering on my journey. In fact, just a week ago I was at a party and my friends told me this girl liked me. I talked to her and eventually we went to the bedroom. I was very nervous to see if I could get an erection. This is my 6th month on no porn. I got hard after kissing but we ended up not hooking up anyway. My point is that if you can get an erection from kissing go for it, If not.. tell them itll have to wait longer.
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