Starting a 90 day hard mode challenge that could be permanent

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    Hey. I've started this 90 day hard mode challenge. My wife told me this is my last chance. But follow up conversations reveal that she doesn't love me anymore and I've destroyed the marriage with this addiction and self hated. I get that it's over and we need to heal. I'm going though a lot right now, so try not to be too hard on me, but my biggest fear is that I'm never going to have sex again. A huge part of the addiction is that I've treated my wife as an object of my desire and not taken care of her emotional needs. So, were getting a divorce. I just really love having sex with her. We had sex a lot because it was supposed to help us stay connected but it wasn't enough to overcome the hurt from not connecting with her emotionally in other ways.

    How can I come to terms with this idea of never having sex again? This is really tearing me up inside.
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    Hey bro want to be my accountability partner? I can share lots of great matieral. When I’ve gone on really long streaks I’ve noticed it’s because 100% of me wanted and committed, not 90% not 99.9% but 100%, I truly wanted to give up pmo. When we relapse it’s because we WANT to relapse, pretty pathetic right? I know. I’m not sure if you meditate but you know that pressure you get down there around 2 weeks? That’s built up sexual energy believe it or not and if you meditate it disappears and goes upwards. Anyway, pm me if you want to be my accountability partner. :)
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