Starting a group mid20-mid30 year olds, daily check-ins for motivated/active/studying/working men

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    1. I haven't spent much time on this site, but I have on the nofap subreddit. Im in my early 30s, in grad school on the east coast, and have been struggling with pmo since early middle school. Since I discovered nofap I have had a handful of long streaks, none lasting more than 7 or 8 months. Most recently I made it to 6 months and then binged throughout November. I know, I know. Now on day 120 of no pmo, but only day 1 of no pm. I know some people have a healthy or stable relationship with pmo, but I definitely do not, and no one in my life knows about it. I workout a couple of times per week, I study a couple of days per week, I go to school full time, and I work full time. Within the next week I will be implementing a few subtle changes into my life - - daily workouts or runs, spending more time studying or writing on campus, at the local library, or at cafes, not closing my bedroom door except to sleep, and most importantly, installing a program to notify an accountability partner if I visit restricted websites, including reddit and similar sites.
    2. I have some experience organizing groups, so thought I'd try to start one here. I tried a while ago, but only a few people ended up actively involved in the Kik group, and they didn't seem very interested. Only rules I can think of are regular check-ins, no judgment, and an earnest desire to be done with pmo forever and to supplant it with higher goals and pursuits.
    3. I'm intending on utilizing this group to help each other reach our nofap goals, but also other healthy habits such as developing a regular meditation practice, fitness routine, nutrition regime, healthy relationships, academic success, professional growth, financial independence, etc. I believe though that fundamentally we must do away with this one bad habit first. Help me do that and I'll respond the same. I've always been too lenient on myself and so has everyone else. My discipline level is at a 1 right now, and starting tomorrow, it will be at 100. I'll do that for all of you if all of you do that for me.
    4. I won't be in charge of anything after the initial bringing everyone together. I'm dead serious about this and will be checking in every few days for the next week or so, but will be doing it from my phone. At the end of the week I'll shoot everyone a message on Kik about next steps. Send me a message on here or on Kik - - Herman 51230. Lets do this.

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