Starting a Queer Centered Whatsapp Group

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Kyle_AK, Dec 3, 2019 at 2:07 PM.

  1. Kyle_AK

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    Hey all,

    I'm starting a WhatsApp AP group mainly for queer identifying men. I am a 29 year old gay identifying man living in Seattle and have struggled with porn addiction for many years. I've had long streaks of being porn free and lots of lapses/relapses. I'm very much looking to build some strong and long lasting social support so that I can gently let go of this deep need I've had inside for so long. I've found the most successful I've been is when I can share honestly and truthfully with others, and when I have a network to reach out to.

    I would very much appreciate anyone on a similar path to reach out and let me know a bit about yourself and what you would like to join.

    With peace and kindness,

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  2. Coffee_lover

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    I'd like to join :)
    I'm a gay guy in the UK 39 years old.
    I had an addiction to porn feom a young age (13) and i have quit that, id watch gay and straight porn to vary it and in the end it bore me.
    Please dm me for my number and i'll join the group
  3. Nate1983

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    Hi guys, I’m a 33 year old gay man.. I’m keen on joining the group as well. Please feel free to DM so I can share my contact details. Cheers.

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