Starting again for the last time!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by N1CMA, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. N1CMA

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    Starting again for the last time!
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    What is the last time? The final countdown? The final streak to end all streaks?
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    Little tip: Don't do this. Don't give yourself those ultimatums. Because in case you relapse again you will have broken your word, your own standard. Now you have two problems: a porn addiction and you don't trust what you tell yourself.
    Addicts and neurobiologists who work with them have figured out that the best way to tackle an addiction is on a day by day basis. Tell yourself: Today I won't watch porn. What happens tomorrow is none of your concern.
    That way the process of getting rid of your addiction is a series of small victories with the occasional loss. Instead of big loss after big loss because your goal is to quit forever each time. That attitude shift can do a lot for you.
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    I tried this many times, but it ends to a relapse (it does not mean that you relapse aswell), but in my case it ended always to a relapse.

    It‘s better to take it slowly, for example put 7 days as a goal when you reached it put 20 days when you reached it put 30 day then 50 and so on.. it works a lot better for ME, but we all are different. So we all have to find our unique way out of this.

    Stay strong brothers :emoji_muscle:
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  5. i also started ( last time streak) from today itself. my life also damaged by porn . i dont have courage for suucide , if i have that i will do it early.
  6. Forget streaks and counting the days. Waste of your energy. Just do your best every single day. Learn. Grow. Seek help.
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