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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Wanttosucceed, Jun 7, 2019.

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    You can to this bro.
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    You 've done very good. Congratulation.
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    Thank you so much Anime Lover 42. I 'll take your advice.:p:p:p
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    Thank you AmirHafiz. I agree that Porn makes my life miserable over and over again.
  5. Watched a documentary about porn and its industry yesterday. Now I know that I never want to watch porn again for the rest of my lifetime.

    Many women are forced to do things they don‘t want to do. If you click on a porn, you may support that.

    If you have urges think about that and compare it to child labor. Don‘t support companies which don‘t care about the physical and mental health of people.
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    It is certainly a struggle and it's enough to deter many from ever truly trying. Its tiring and depressing. But the difference between yourself and many others on here is that you do dust yourself of and you do try again. Keep fighting
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    What a great ideals. Understanding what porn do harm to this world ethically will give us one more certain reason to get rid of it.
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  8. Thanks I am proud!!
  9. Yes I can we all can!
  10. Wow I am now up to 16 days without looking at porn and I am extremely proud of myself! We must all keep going and support each other to stay away from the stuff as it's all so negative and degrading and our lives are VERY much better without it!!
  11. Motivational words!! :)
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  12. Day 21. I‘m feeling really good. No urges for 2 days and no waste of time.
  13. Well done keep it going!!
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  14. I'm also feeling really good and nearly 3 weeks urges at all really and anyway I don't want porn in my life it's abusive and a waste of my time...I want FREEDOM!!!!!
  15. Still going and proud!
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  16. Chaugiveupporn

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    Congratulation my fellow.
  17. Keep going. You can do it :)
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  18. Yes you're on 26 days that's amazing!!
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  19. I am now coming towards one WHOLE month without looking at porn and I am feeling so much better for it!

    Must keep this streak going
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    Sorry my fellows.
    I relapsed. I am very disappointed now. I hope that you keep up this great work. I have to start again.

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