Starting all over again after a breakdown

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    I remember my first kiss at 11, it was great, with my crush at the time, probably the best day of my life. Fast forward 7 years and here I am wasted after dating a trans escort.

    I have watched porn since I was 12, discovered Nofap at 17, but never did a serious reboot. I lost my virginity to an Escort when I turned 18, felt almost nothing. From that time I tried every single one of my porn fetishes with escorts. Today It has been the greatest one, dating a tranny.

    It has teached me a lot, I will talk in more detail about this. Basically It has showed me what were stupid porn fetishes, and what were my true necessities. Her afection, care and femininity were greater than the empty sex itself.

    Rebooting again, I want to enjoy sexuality, porn was the cause of all of this.
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    Welcome @WorthIt ! Sounds like you've got some great insight into your problems and have a great place to work through them.
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