Starting at 14 before PMO ruins my life

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by SpiritAgainstFlesh, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Hello fapstranauts! A shocking discovery in my “exploration” of the internet led to me to the grave conclusion that I must stop PMO. I recognized several symptoms such as insensitivity and social anxiety that would lead to PIED and other troubles in my future. It is my hope that I can get rid of this addiction before I experience the darkest effects of PMO as others have described.

    Unfortunately I do not want to inform my parents of my addiction to PMO as they are in critical phrases of their careers (and I am ashamed and scared to do so).

    In any case, I believe I can find insight, emotional support, and help from other fapstronauts and the community of NoFap. As I approach high school, it would be in the best interest for me and others that I stop this addiction.

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    Welcome and you are doing well to start this journey early!!! I wish I had done so too at your age. I would have treated women better and achieved to my potential much more so if I did. I’m looking forward to your progress.
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    @SpiritAgainstFlesh welcome to nofap. I am glad you took action so early in life. I encourage you to form a social circle or develop hobbies or participate in sports which makes you interact with other people! You are in a age where forming friendships is much easier so make full use of that because ultimately the skills you have in making new connections is going to help you with addiction and other things in life.
    Also don't be ashamed to ask your parents help even if they are busy with their careers. Ideally with their life experience they may realize it may actually be easier and smarter to help you right now than later!
  4. Thank you all for your warm welcomes! :)
    The first day was agonizing, but today I did not feel any desire at all.

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