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    Hey guys. I'm new to the forum and I decided to try 58983652 times to get out of this addiction that has been with me for a long time. Well, I am 24 years old and the pornography addiction has been with me since I was 14 years old.
    I never went into having many relationships, but I can say that my first and only relationship was ruined by pornography.
    I had a relationship with a person who loved me and although we had sex with a certain frequency, the addiction still haunted me.
    I left her aside and just when we were going to do 3 years of dating she broke up with me. I can't relate to anyone, I get stuck and my escape is to enter a porn site. This time I am determined to change, not for anyone, but for me. I will not give up on me and I hope to win this battle.
    I will share with you my day-to-day, how it is going, etc. A hug to all and stay in peace!
    Recife-PE Brazil
  2. Hey mate, my story, like everyone here is the same.My biggest problem is not feelling worthy of people who love me, especially my lover, who i can't describe how special she is to me, and i feel horrible after watching porn, i feel worthless and all that shame thing, i need to stop, i need to have my energy back. Anyway, hope we succed on this jorney mate, it's my first day and i'll be here too writing about my daily routine. Success!
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  3. I started last night and feeling good so far. I woke up today fighting with my brain as its first thoughts were about beautiful women and different positions but I got through it. My PB was 1 week but that was about 5 years ago. I never feel ashamed, opposite almost, as if I am the king of the world and I feel happy but its very superficial. I think if i stopped for a good while then i would become more confident and active. Any body have de-sensitisation or cured it?
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