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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Ryanellion, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. AspiringMD

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    Can somebody add me to the what's app group, + 14039734364
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  2. capnswing

    capnswing New Fapstronaut

    Hey guys, new fapastronaut here.. joined the reddit page a 5 days ago , relapsed 3 times.. so i reset-ted today and decided i need to join a group to make this thing work.. Thanks for having me! :)
  3. Hi capnswing. Stay strong, it gets easier.

    Day 8 and feeling great here. It's like I'm in charge of my libido instead of the other way round.
  4. InspireMe

    InspireMe Fapstronaut

    Hi everybody, I take the challenge, thank you @Nofapsincebirth for inviting me. But please let me know
    what exactly cold shower is. I still don't know. I mean how many Centigrades should it be?
    I feel very bad. :(
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  5. Ryanellion

    Ryanellion Fapstronaut

    @InspireMe as cold as your shower can go...assuming you don't live in the far north or far should be exact temperature.
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    NF SINCE BIRTH Fapstronaut

    I live in Norway. We have 4 degrees celcius at the coldest setting. You will survive as long as you dont turn into a super badass and fall asleep during a cold shower.
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  7. Good to see activity on this thread. I was thinking it had all migrated to whatsapp.

    13 days in. Been having the cold showers, getting more exercise and doing quite a lot of physical work. When I was shaving this morning I noticed I'm looking a bit fitter!
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  8. MrCharacter

    MrCharacter Fapstronaut

    Why have cold showers?
  9. jdstobbie

    jdstobbie Fapstronaut

    To train yourself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable...check out youtube videos about cold shower therapy
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  10. Ryanellion

    Ryanellion Fapstronaut

    Day 7 feeling great, put all of the things i've been procrastinating on...onto paper.

    Feel a release from that...a long way to go yet feeling motivated to do this...We got this Warriors. Feel the strength.
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  11. InspireMe

    InspireMe Fapstronaut

    Hey all, Did a quick research about cold shower and how to do it and then summarized it, you may find it useful and interesting:

    Cold Shower!

    Cold showers make you strong and most people just can’t do it. The goal is to purify the body, reflect on the self, to clear and focus the mind.

    Here’s how to train yourself to take cold showers:

    1. Turn the water on, set to cold.
    2. Feet first.Your feet will adjust to the temperature fastest
    3. Hands second. Get your hands and arms wet, then splash water over your torso. By now your legs and front should be thoroughly wet.
    4. Head under!
    5. Back last. Millions of nerve fibres are routed through your spine so getting your back wet is the hardest part. You’re going to feel a lot of sensations, almost an electrical charge crackling up and down your back. Get this wet last then finish washing and scrubbing. Good job, you’ve taken a cold shower.
    There’s lots of biological benefits to taking a cold shower. But you’ll notice the psychological upside the most.

    • Wake Up: The freezing water is going to get your heart pounding, lungs pumping and eyes open. This is the cure for sleepy mornings. A change in body temperature is a signal to your brain that you are changing states – in this case changing from a state of low energy to high.
    • Better Mood: Just like meditating, but quicker. Your brain and body will release a lot of chemicals, you’ll get a high from the rush of adrenaline and increased blood flow and you will feel better after your cold shower. Cold showers have been known to alleviate depression and it’s not just a placebo effect.
    • Testosterone: “Increased hormone production”. Your whole endocrine system, adrenals and thyroid benefit from a cold shower but check this out: a hot bath 3x a week is so effective at killing the sperm in a man’s testicles that it can result in impotence. Taking cold showers, and avoiding hot ones, can help you conceive. And if you want to be a more motivated person then you need functioning glands producing lots of hormones.
    • Cleansing Breath: To combat the stress and shock your body goes through something called vasoconstriction. Your blood vessels constrict pushing blood out of your muscles and extremities and into your core. You breathe more deeply during this state in order to oxygenate your system. You’ll feel better, more energetic and awake. As an added bonus this improves circulation and helps your muscles recover from exercise more quickly.
    • Skin and Hair: Hot water dries out your skin and hair. Cold water has a detoxifying effect and causes your skin’s pores and hair’s cuticles to squeeze shut keeping dirt and oil from collecting.
    There’s at least half-a-dozen other physiological benefits that I’m skipping right over from increased metabolism to assisting the lymphatic system but the point is you could be healthier, fitter and tougher if you just substitute your hot shower for a cold one. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it.

    1. Cold showers burn fat

    2. Cold showers boost recovery after exercise

    3. Cold showers increase mood and alertness

    4. Cold showers strengthen immunity and circulation

    5. Cold showers give you attractive hair and skin

    There’s at least half-a-dozen other physiological benefits that I’m skipping right over from increased metabolism to assisting the lymphatic system but the point is you could be healthier, fitter and tougher if you just substitute your hot shower for a cold one. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it.


    Feel the strength and never give it up. :)
  12. InspireMe

    InspireMe Fapstronaut

    Cold shower really IS useful. I'm going to replace it with useless and artificial hot water.
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  13. Ryanellion

    Ryanellion Fapstronaut


    Thanks for doing that Inspire... i'll put it on the whatsapp group
  14. I had such a crazy week or two there I forgot I joined this men's tribe until now.

    Bad news is my streak recently came to an end. The good news is it was a twenty day streak, the longest since I joined the site.
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  15. Jakob

    Jakob Fapstronaut

    And you save money from not having to heat up the water! :)
  16. Thechosenone

    Thechosenone Fapstronaut

    Is this a whatsapp group?
  17. Ryanellion

    Ryanellion Fapstronaut

  18. But I'd encourage anyone who would like to post here...

    Personally I'm not in the Whatsapp group.

    4 days into a new streak now. Having the cold showers. I'll do my best to have a workout tomorrow.
  19. Professor Artificial

    Professor Artificial Fapstronaut

    Hiya! I like this idea, so I'd also like to join the tribe. Already working on the no-PMO and the cold showers I can probably do. 30 minutes of exercise should be doable (does biking energetically count?) and the rest I can do. Don't have whatsapp, though, so I'll stick on the forums, if that's alright.
  20. animike

    animike Fapstronaut

    Today is the 10th day I stop doing bad things.

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