Starting the cure and wondering how to share this site with sons

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by gitch, Mar 12, 2018.

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    I am 62. Been masturbating and consuming porn since i found those naked women cards my dad had, before i could even ejaculate. It has been insidious and always present, some times more, sometimes less, but internet just blew it all out of proportion and has interfered with my life a lot, mostly from the shame of knowing what i do and how often i do it. Deteriorates one's self confidence a lot. I am at 48 hours, nothing special, a long way to go. But more importantly, i know my sons masturbate, but not how much. I do not know if it is as consuming as it has been with me. I want to do whatever i can to move them away from this crap and spare them the shame of looking back at 62 at all the wasted opportunities to be alive and positive and not have that hidden secret lurking, of having given in and jacked off once again to some porn vid, but i am very hesitant to open up talking about it. Talking to them about sex with women was easy; revealing my own addition to this stuff is not something i want to do unless i have to. Ideas n how to get this information to them would be appreciated.
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    You will have to be honest with them. Facing your addiction includes being honest with your loved ones in life. I think if I had known about it earlier on, I might have never have really started into addiction. It will be a tough step in your recovery, but you can do it.

    Welcome to NoFap, you will find the support you need here.
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    Welcome, I'm glad you're here. I know that feeling of looking back at wasted time and energy.

    This site can be a great outlet, to talk and share and learn and connect. Keep coming back!

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