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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Wazzai, Sep 7, 2017.

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    I like using the seven chakras and their roles to get an idea of what's happening when and where.

    This whole PMO addiction of mine is creative energy that has nowhere to go imo.

    I have also found that I put my manhood into question with PMO because I tell myself a man would not let himself get caught up in this bullshit. As a result I started searching for something manly and creative.

    I came up with blacksmithing. It's creative, exhausting and fun.

    Today I have been working on my forge which is basically a cooking pot you put over a fire with a pipe system bolted to it. The idea is that you put in charcoal in and power up the fan which sadly has only one setting, but being an amateur I'm sure it'll work for the time being.

    It'll help with my patience as well. It's not that short but i feel it can use work and blacksmithing requires a great deal of patience.
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    That's an awesome outlet you have thought of man! I personally love the 'superpower' of enhanced creativity that comes with quitting PMO. I feel like this energy in me wants to express itself so I get more focus, more ideas, and more drive to take action and bring these ideas out into the world. That is what this energy is all about--creating. When we waste it then we become like empty shells. But when we retain it we can use it to create--whether it be life, art, memories, whatever!
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    Good for you, man! :)
    It's interesting how you mention the 7 chakras, because there are vibrations you can listen to, from YouTube, that can help to build up your chakras, whether it's through meditation or sleep meditation.
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    That's your pineal gland awakening, LOL.