Starting today for 1 month NoFap Challenge!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by last_hope, May 18, 2017.

  1. last_hope

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    Hi guys! I am fed up of my life. :) Really fed up. I am 6 ft tall. My eyes are sunken. My back pains. I can sit for more than 5-10 minutes without support. Still I watch Porn 24 x 7 and fap. My mood is always in irritating mode. I don't shower. I don't go out. I can't socialise. I am a total dead person.

    I decided to give ONE LAST TRY to NoFap. I am tired of relapsing and rebooting. I am tired of convincing myself just before I fap and regretting later.
    So guys, thanks for this community. If I succeed you will hear from me after a month, else assume I failed and I will continue fap the rest of my life. Thanks guys! :)
  2. SaFaRi

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    keep going bro never give up!
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  3. lantti

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    1. Go shower
    2. Get angry
    3. Just do it
    4. When you eventually relapse, don't relapse to the porn
    5. Once you get out, and your mind asks one last time "for the old times sake?", answer no.

    You can't fail with these. Also get those internet blockers in place, commit yourself to this. You can get out. Focus on the first three weeks: After that you can just cherrypick your way out. Make detailed plan of every day- make it happen goddammit!:mad:
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  4. Veeav

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    You're overthinking it, you're not made to fap bro, you'll stop eventually, just don't stop trying :)
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