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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Siddh.NF, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Hi to everybody. This is Siddh.NF.

    I just joined NoFap because I'm tired of this addiction. Usually In order to have an orgasm watching porn I need lots of hours of it. It's such a huge waste of time and energy. Although sometimes I don't need the feel of having to PMO, because I'm having sex with real girls, ssometimes I just do.

    My goal is to stop this shit. I started watching porn almost 15 years ago. I kind of began with the 'normal' stuff... but at least on the internet that was not for me. In the internet I found femdom, bdsm and all that stuff. Although I've practiced it in real life... most BDSM in my life comes in the format of porn. The categories of femdom porn have been evolving and they've become more mind-fuck than ever. Sometimes I've fapped to shit I've never thought I would fap to. Porn is not only addictive, it gives you crazy and bizarre ideas about sexuality that may not be good for your mental health. Sometimes after having PMO I just asked myself 'what the fuck did I do?', wtf did I just watch?, why do I like this?.

    Of course, I don't like to feel like that. I don't want to waste my precious time on bullshit. I've tried NoFap for a couple of weeks and I could tell the difference. I know I can get better, be more confident, use my time in better ways, etc.

    Today I fapped, and after just the first time came the second time. There will be no third time today. I actually don't wanna do it tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow. I'm commited to make a change this time. So here I go!

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    Good luck mate. I suggest you to stay to real girls and quit PM. Welcome to the forums.
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    Fully commit this time, no excuses!
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