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  1. I personally think it would be interesting to have statistics that everyone can view...with several different metrics:
    Age, addiction length, time until first successful 30/90 day challenge vs nonactive members, if they left successful, returning members
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  2. Jen@8675309

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    A lot of that would have to be self reporting. We don't mine data about our users.
  3. Alexander

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    Yes, we have wanted this for a long time. However, there are financial realities right now which prevent it from happening. Maybe whenever the site can afford it.
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  4. Yep expected as much just thought I'd bring it up to gauge interest and check status. Of course appreciate NoFap doesn't mine data, self reported/surveys would still be very beneficial.
  5. vxlccm

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    I wonder how much money it would take for the development Alexander mentions. Maybe a PhD student with a grant in-hand could help propel such a thing.

    We as community members do get a pretty clear picture of these things, anecdotally. Maybe someday an opt-in NoFap study can happen, but even then it would only be scientific as representing the community not something like the world as a whole.
  6. Very true...however a site like this grabs a good source of willing participants that could help sculpt a hypothesis for more in depth study and potentially drive excitement in the scientific community for more in depth discussion and cross examination of what most of us can agree is an addiction.
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    Why not make a thread in every sub forum and say in the OP that you can only reply once in each of the threads?
    And also if they volunteer to answer questions, it's voluntary but it's going on record.
    You could even put different questions in different subforums and that way all groups will see them.
    And at best, then if it's set up like a multiple poll style, then responders Could only respond once in every section!
    And if you would please check out other questions in the other sections, your answers, if you choose to give them are valuable.
    Just a idea....

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